Friday, July 29, 2011

7:55 am....Ready?

Good morning, another one of those foggy mornings here..lately it seems to feel nice to me. I guess I have been on hot? lol..terrible being a woman sometimes with all the hot flashes and what nots...Well you can see because I'm writing to you I ended up coming back to Mom's house decided to get started on the cleaning now. I don't need to be home right now. But I will spend most of next week home doing my business. Yesterday, therapy was great. We had a nice therapy we ended up talking about boundaries for ourselves. Which we should have. She gave me and Vee some papers that talk about it. So after I read it I will share with you.

Do you see the lovely picture of Chicken and Dumplings, well I thought it would be nice to share this recipe with you. I thought it turned out great and so did my family..It was the first time that I have ever made it. Don't know why I never had in the past.
I think I got this from the cooking network, by Tyler...try it you just might enjoy it.

chicken and dumplings

Recipes as follows
ONe whole chicken (washed and cleaned)
Put chicken in a large pot of water add....
Pepper corns, bayleaves, bunch of thyme, a 1/2 of a head
of garlic..(slice it straight across)
add two celery stalks
add one large carrot and half of onion dont chop.
Simmer till
Chicken is done, about 40 mins...
Remove Chicken and strain broth and set aside.
after Chicken is cooled off debone it and skin off, kind
of shredd it in medium pieces.
slice up another two stalks of celery and a couple of carrots
slice them also. ( and i just used the garlic from the broth
slide them out from the peels and use)
In the pot that you cooked it in add those new carrots and celery
and garlic and some oil fry for a couple of minutes.
Then add a couple of tablespoons of flour and cook for
a couple of minutes adding a splash of milk or cream whisk
then start adding your broth back in alittle at a time. whisking.
your broth back into pot. Add some salt and pepper add back
in the chicken and add a package of frozen peas and pearl onions
if you wish..( i used chopped up onions didn't think my grandbabies
would like pearl onions. so when you add the celery and carrots you
can add them)
and bring up to a sm the mean time make your dumplins

2 cups of flour- 1 tablespoon baking powder-1 teaspoon of salt-2 eggs-1cup buttermilk (or reg milk)
and some chopped chives if you like) mix
when chicken is boiling with two spoons add spoonfuls of mixture scraping off
with other spoon cook for ten minutes and serve...yum yum...

Here is some Zucchini from the garden. I picked them early because like I had said they were molding from lack of I will use them parsley is growing like mad. I went to the garden store yesterday ended up spending 40 dollars that I shouldn't have, but I did. Couldn't help it. I bought a bunch of new seeds. Umm I got Collard greens, Green onions, Green beans, Chives, o and freckle Romaine. I thought that would be fun. I bought a red planter..which was 10 dollars and the plate was 3 dollars but I wanted it and told myself I haven't bought a new pot for three's really pretty .. O and in plants I bought a tray of Petunias different colors, a tray of Chinese snow peas me and Vee love them. And a big marigold from the half off side. I always go check cause sometimes you can find nice things. The last thing that I got was some wood sticks for my one tomatoe plant. It had grown so much it was to late to put the wire cage around so the sticks did well. I put them up yesterday when I went to water. I wanted to catch it before it fell over. They have a lot of wonderful things. The prices have gone up a little bit like everything else, but I have been going there for years and years..o I would say about 30 years now..Floorcraft was the original name then it change to flower craft? not sure..but to me it will always be floorcraft nursery. I wished I had more money to buy more things..but little by little..rite. rite..


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