Monday, July 11, 2011

Starting Monday


It's crispy cold this morning, I didn't get home yet I got lazy last nite. After the flea market I was pooped out...didn't  feel like gathering up my things and go anywhere. We had a wonderful time yesterday..there were tons of people walking around and a lot to see...when we first got there we stopped off at a Foster's.which reminded me of my child hood...when I was little they had those up north and my Uncle and Aunt took us many of times to get ice cream after dinner "Sunday's",Banana Splits" sometime we would eat food there.I had the best child hood with them..anyways back to the flea market..I didn't buy much because I didn't have much money a few  vegetables Pineapple's were three for five dollars...onion's a dollar for several in a bag like ten medium one's. O and I bought some Pasilla Chiles to make rellenos and at the end we went to the junk old stuff dealers and there was this wrought iron stand..looked it pretty nice from a distance. I went to ask the man he said 25.00 I was o I was walking away he said how much like they all do...I said I have 10.00 dollars..he said wow lady I been asking 25.00 all day..well it's up to you and I started leaving and he said ok for sure ...It's in my opinion very's old white with a orangie tile on the top...I don't have a clue what I'm doing with it..but I didn't have that stinky girl next store up stairs..I would put it in our front area with a nice fern or something..but may be some where in the garden...O and mentioning garden they had the most wonderful fairy statue...I wanted it so much..but I'm was only 70.00 dollars she was beautiful with a lily pad and a would have looked Divine in my garden. Maybe one day soon. I love fairy's for sure..I have to little tiny ones..from the dollar store..and they have a special place inside my garden.. My granddaughter was so fussy last nite..I ended up taking her and calming her down. she slept with me and Vee in fact Vee ended up watching her after cause I was so darn tired..Good job auntie Vee...she kept her till 5 in the morning..I wanted to take some pictures of the plant stand I got...O I almost forgot I got another duck..for 2 dollars...she is a nice cookie jar, put her body is thick and it won't break so easy...she has a blue ribbon and a grey do ducks have beaks??? I always thing of Beatrix Potter, when I see ducks..I also think of when I was growing up. At my grandma Strider's house they had ducks that waddled around quaking away. They were beautiful. Wish I could put some in my back yard. I would simply love it! for sure!
Jemima Puddle duck...I love her!....Beatrix Potter lovely stories...

Tiny little a tea cup ...dancing around and around...hehehe...I'm ready for my cup of Tea..I'm awaiting for the water to boil..would you like some?

Wishing you a most lovely day...enjoy be back soon!

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