Sunday, July 10, 2011

Here we go again

This is the second time I wrote this...this lap top erases my stuff to easy....I don't like it...Well anyways good morning Happy Sunday Ya'll...It's a great morning I'm here with my granddaughter Yuli and my son and his wife and of course Vee..My morning started with the dogs jumping across me and going under the covers..besides SweetPea there is Pebbles...who is my son's dog..Her and SweetPea have become good friends they even eat with each other but that took some time...I'm a little bit tired out this morning and my eye has this rash on it well my eye lid and it's irritating me to the max. I will have to make a doctors appointment...Today we are off to the San Jose flea market..I haven't been there in a long will be nice to that's the agenda for this afternoon...all my son's children went off to Disney Land with their uncle so it's too quite that will break up the dad for my son and his wife as well...who knows maybe we will find something but i'm broke..hummm guess I will just be window shopping...which is fine for me...I started a new doilie the other day with this multi colored thread. I just started in with it..I have had it for along time and never did anything with I'm not sure where I'm going with it..but some where lol....will see later the ending results..

I started adding a white color...I went to the Good will store and found a whole bag full like six and it was three dollars you pay almost four dollars for a single new one...good now I have plenty I guess you will see the results later...I found some great things the other day..I didn't get to take picture..but wait till you see...I found this table cloth for 3.49 it is embroidered with a silky white thread and yellow orange it has big yellow orange grapes with the silky white leaves. I was amazed by it..then I found this brand new devy (cant think how to spell it)cover in a cloth package just like the same print as the cover with two pillow shams really pretty one side  cover in beige that had embroidery on the front..tiny bell flowers lavender and blue....found two different blues..and let me see O I found four ceramic picture frames for Yulianas pictures..and and iron stand for pictures but I decided that the best use for it was to use it for holding my recipes up when I'm in the kitchen. I have a small clip and it worked great yesterday so i didn't have to keep picking up the paper and look for the words...and I found a little small inky dinky white pitcher..for tiny flowers that's what was in my daughter was like mom why do you need that and that was my and I found a beautiful like old blue platter and two like salad plate ...had a great time..o darn and I  almost forgot my bunch of pink roses in a square clear planter..they need washing a little all in all it was a great day for me...found nice things for small amount of moneys..Soon as I get a chance I will post the pictures of the things I found..this week I'm totally busy so I won''t be on much..well I guess that depends...well friends things are going great with my new friend..our conversation is good so far and who knows what the future hold for it..but time will tell...So I'm wishing you the most fabulous day today enjoy your day spend it with family and friends...Love n witherspoon...Janice...xxxx

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