Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Here we are Monday...oops Tuesday

Good morning Ya'll, its Tuesday morning feeling like Monday morning...Look at this..My sweet daughter in law Ana got this for me yesterday...It's so pretty..I couldn't get a good picture of it..but it looks exotic. it says it's a Bromeliad house plant..no clue but it's very pretty...and it's in a cute container going to put it in my Living room...Thank you Ana...my son is off to work..Yuliana is drinking her bottle with Mommie..the kids are all still sleeping..and my heart is racing and I'm waiting to receive my morning call or text...things are going fast even though we didn't intent it too..it like lightening ... O my...well I believe it's a good thing happening..for maybe once in my life..I think I might have found the rite man to spend the rest of my life with..I was determined not to be with another....I don't want no more heart ache that's for sure. . So we will see where it's going to go...wish me luck!!! 
Here's my beautiful Victoria, playin in my glasses...she is so silly at times...I wish she would be okay now she is so loving and full she is smart and brite. and has so much to offer...she has a boyfriend now..just with in the last few days...I hope it goes well..she will be 18 soon..well not till March..but that is soon enough..Love my little a whole bunch....This week will be a busy week. We have a lot of appointments and I have lawyer business etc...I hope my garden is okay...It probably needs watering specially because the weather was warm...hope it's okay. It has been a wonderful Holiday weekend...My stepson came by to see the baby and we talked about his dad...it was nice. We laughed alot because he was a strong man...who didn't take no crap from no one..he'd just as soon knock you out in a minute...boy there were some scary moments...well...I'm just on cloud nine I can't focus this morning on writing my blog...

My lovely Pineapple I bought. the other day and brought it to my son's...It was very sweet and nice...Yummmy.
I enjoyed it  a lot!

hehe here's ms Yuliana having a bath. she loves the water now..she didn't like her spondge bath days at all...but she is loving this..she is already a month old I can't believe the days just flew by ... picture's picture's and more picture's cause they just grow to fast..before you know she will be walking around..talking and all...I can't wait for the grandma part hearing her say grandma...I Love my grandchildren each and everyone of them individually they are special.  Well everyone I'm off I know this isn't the best blog...but my mind is on.... Ben...so see you tomorrow...have a great day today..hugs and kisses....

Bye for now....

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  1. God bless you friend passing by to let you now my new blog you will see it on your followers..the other one have technical problems..hope is not a issue like myspace..im glad for you that your happy..take care..i miss you..byee..soraya