Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Wednesday Ya'll

Just a foggy little morning here, drinking my tea at Mom's and thinking well I have to finish up my laundry..I brought it here because I just have a mini washer and dryer at home and there is no sun to hang clothes out. I thought it would be easier to do it a large washer and get it over with. I was so tired from the mini vacation, it was so hot at nite I didn't sleep well. I ended up not sleeping Monday evening I woke up at and couldn't go back to sleep..I was up all day long till around 10 pm last nite. I fortunately slept all nite only woke up once, went the restroom and back to sleep till around 7:15 thank goodness. much needed sleep..I day dreamed last nite, thinking to make my room blue and white..nothing seems to fit in that room. I tried so many's just not popping. I dreamed of some wall paper pretty flowers with blue..wish it was my place to do that. I always wanted a bedroom with wall paper for some odd reason. Well anyways I have this beautiful blue and white comforter from Ralph Loren sitting upstairs in a bag...and I have a beautiful painting like a winter scene blue and white, but the frame is brown..and I decided to buy some spray paint this Thursday to spray my bed frame white. and I'm going to get started on painting those dressers white..I think that's what I need..

I guess I just love blue and white..I love pink a lot too but it's just not working for me in my don't know why.

Maybe it just feels so warm to me..So that's the plan. This morning I woke up thinking I really wish I had a significant other to hang out with, someone to do things with. Or maybe I just need to find a great lady friend. I have kept distance from a lot of people first because of a past relationship that I had then just in general then cause I got sick. I need a friend who believes in God as I do, and like to do most of the things I do..wouldn't that be nice? It would indeed.!!! Sad things of life Mom is getting older and can't do much and soon I will lose her hopefully not anytime soon. But that's a reality and that bothers me. She has become my best friend. We have disagreements but she is always there for me. And just her company has been a blessing. I might not like everything meaning some of her ways but I love her tremendously ( hey I spelled that right ) lol my spelling has improved since I have been blogging..It was so horrible at first from lack of use, but it's picking up..

Well what can I say in all I think I'm just a blue and white lady .lol. When I see that pretty blue glass in the window and the sun is shinning threw pretty..well I guess that's it for today my sweet friends......I need to finish up the laundry and pack up and leave for home this afternoon..but I will be rite back here on Thursday. They changed therapy for this week..and I will probably hang out for a couple of see you then. Have a most wonderful day today..see you tomorrow afternoon or evening I should say...much love......!!!!!!!!

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