Thursday, April 7, 2016

Just some Thursday chatter...

        Gd afternoon dearest's

We have had some wonderful lovely warm weather last couple of day's...  Today seem's a bit less hot which is fine by me.  Yesterday we had that hot sticky weather can't sleep in the night, yuk...   
        April can you believe, I have't a clue where all the days have gone to, they just fly ...  Well I'm sick with a silly chest cold I think I got it from staying out in the windy cool garden a couple of days back ago.   With a thin ole t-shirt on.  I know better, bit since I had the energy in me I wanted to get the whole yard done, well at least much as I could.   
        My pretty soft Pink Geraniums are starting to bloom...  I love the soft Pink...  And one darker Pink Carnation...  The garden looks fairly decent and I don't feel well enough to have tea or lunch there I would love to though...

        And these are coming in all shades of Purple,  there is even a Bluesssh shade and I believe a lite Pink...

         Put them in this pretty White stoneware pitcher I found last yea at goodwill store...

        I love my flour jar and Blue vintage cup inside...

        Using a vintage green salt shaker for these....

        Think I'm going to lay down for a rest...  Have a most lovely day my dear, with love Janice


  1. OH Dear Janice... I am praying that cold chest off of you Dear One!
    Your flowers are all so pretty.
    Spring is still trying hard to happen here in Illinois. It's still somewhat cold here. I'd dearly LOVE a hot sticky day. It will be here eventually.
    You get better... drink lots of tea and rest.

  2. Your flowers are so pretty,Janice. So happy to have Spring arrive, I care much for cold weather. Feel better soon.

  3. You have such beautiful flowers and displayed them in a beautiful pitcher. Hope you are feeling better soon.

  4. Praying for your healing recovery. As usual your flowers are beautiful and love the way you display them. I have put in flower seeds in several beds and still prepping the other flower bed areas. Weather in my part of Arkansas has been really nice and I think we may be beyond the freeze/frost danger...hope so anyway.

  5. I hope you' re better. Your flowers are wonderful, stunning.

  6. I hope you are feeling better soon Janice. Your flowers are very pretty and I think your garden is going to look gorgeous in full bloom.