Friday, May 8, 2015

I believe I have finally filled my Garden full of flowers.. Everything isn't just as I would want it if it was my own.  but soon I will have my own and my head is just going in circles.  I came the other day to Mama's house and as usually the Garden is a wreck and weeds are almost tall as me in some places.. So this weekend grandchildren are coming to Mama's house to do some cleaning but they don't know it yet that I'm putting them all on yard duty..
These photos are from my Garden.. I just love these flowers as I have already told you.. This lovely morning a butterfly was all over and landed here It was so pretty.. Nothing in the world like spring and summer.
yesterday while in the Garden I had sat down in the back for a brief moment.  Got up and walked down the
path looked over in the Garden next store and this little humming bird, was just posted.  You barely ever see
them at a stand still.  They are always going, but not that one he was just hanging on a tree limb.. scratching, shaking him or herself off.  I'm assuming though it was a her because her color were kind of dull.  but it didn't move a beat so I bet I stood there for at least four minutes.  We both heard a noise she looked I looked and nothing at first.  I thought it was a bloom from the Camelia tree, but nope  Finally came popping along was a
Blue jay.. jumping all over and the humming bird still didn't move.  I thought for sure she'd leave.. finally after the four minutes she flew off.. I love being around humming birds.  Before here at Mama's when I had the Garden fixed they would come right next to my face.  Then flew around and in the water I would spray it for them to play in they loved it and so did I.
Such pretty colors they are... can't complain either what do you want for free.. I was blessed with them.
These are like a deep Blue color, My favorite ones of all.... I do like all the Purples.  This is the only Blue one in my Garden so far.
Between me and the neighbor is this ugly cyclone fencing..
I have always wanted to get one of these long planters and Lowe's had them for not to much..  maybe 6 or 7 dollars with the lining.. I like Lowe's the plants are way cheaper in price than the nursery I go to.. but I still love my neighborhood nursery been going there for more than thirty years.  I had to hang it up.. umm yeah I probably should have did that before I filled it.  So now I need someone to help me lol.. O well that age thingky again lol..

I just bought this at Lowe's as well I love these plants.. can't thing of the name but they also come in many
colors but I never saw this color before till today.  It's like a lite Pink with lite Green so pretty.. My other one I have already is like a Orangy Rusty color.. and it's a hanging one.. I have them in pots so they will be able to move over here to Mama's house.. I miss my Mama so so much.. Today is one of the days I tremendously miss her.
My new Hydrangea... soft Blue so pretty.. 
it's also in a pot so I can bring it here later..I have two in the ground  But they are small still 
so I will be able to take them out.
I love this particular Hydrangea.
These are a pretty Petunia's  Red with Yellow 
well I suppose it's time to get up and go wash the floor our first room is almost ready for paint.. 
so much more to do though. 
Wishing you all a lovely lovely weekend
with love 

                                     "I love spring anywhere,

                                           but if I could choose I would

                                               always greet it in a garden."

                                                        ~Ruth Stout


  1. Love all your blooms, dear Janice. SOoooo lovely. You are so talented in many areas, including plants! You are so blessed. Susan

  2. Your pictures are beautiful. You make me want to learn how to use the good camera I got a little over a year ago and have mucked it completely up! I will be going back to read all your older posts soon as I'm enthralled with your pictures.

  3. I love all of the colorful blooms. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.


  4. What lovely flowers and your photos are so good! Have a wonderful mother's day.

  5. Hello sweet Janice! My, your blooms are lovely! So colorful and cheerful :) I am looking forward to when I can plant some flowers, but I must wait until the end of May. Tonight it will get below freezing so it looks like my lilacs will sad.

    May you have a wonderful Mother's Day. Hugs!

  6. Lovely post! i can notice you have being busy in your garden...its still cold around here...but indoors have some changes..i will post pictures about it...blessings from holland

  7. Janice, I wish I was in your garden when you saw the hummingbird. They have a distinct sound, I always know when they're around. It is such a special bird. Your blue flowers are gorgeous. They look like blue in one picture, and then purple in another. Your garden is coming along nicely. Our gardens are so peaceful and bring so much joy to our lives.

    Have a splendid week.

    love, ~Sheri

  8. Your flowers and your blooms are such beautiful.