Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Limoges.... :)

So recently, Well I suppose I should start off with a Hello to you all.. Then tell you where I found these most
lovely plates in the world at... I went on a few Saturdays back with my daughter in law and my daughter Vee and my three grandchildren to a Saver's down in Redwood City California.. about 25 minutes away from San Francisco. We had one a few years ago here in the City that decided to just close up and be gone after some 35 years.. Sad day it was both me and Mom were shocked.. Well It was deeply a favorite place for so many things we would fine there.  Any how I found these plates at the Saver's in Redwood City.. I was shocked and they were 1.99 each.. But the lousy part was I for some silly odd reason left two plates there.. God only knows what I was thinking as later I went home with the others.. Just plain silly I tell you..
The cup and saucer I recently found online.. at a low price.. these are apparently a older version of these..
online there is another one but it doesn't have the scalloped edge..
The saucer doesn't have the scallop but it does have a scallop around the edge inside..
Perfect match with my Hall teapot Victoria Style.. 
There is a possibility that these are around 1900-1909 I'm not exactly sure.. But it seems so from what I can

For the life of me I haven't a clue what I was thinking as to leave the other two plates behind.. 
just dummy if I may say so myself.
I knew they were Limoges
but still I left them there..
I think lol my old age is wearing on me..
well my brain...
Well it's to late now.. I will just have to live with myself.. and the fact that I left them 
behind and it was just to far to run back to..
grateful enough that I got these.. I always loved 
Lets take a stroll through the Garden 
and forget all that nonsense.   Whatever silly little animal gets into my Garden 
has ruined my sweet ground cover.. I thought it would recover but 
we didn't have enough rain So it looks a bit raggedy..
My fairy boy, someone broke his little shoe off his foot..
They are just popping up all over the Garden...
The other day I found a lighter Purple with White very pretty..

One of the most glorious thing is to watch your flowers unfold to a beauty..

The perfect Pansy's...
Well that's my Limoges story
Hope you are well... I'm finally getting better now..
Let's pray it's stays that way...
Have a great rest of the week
with love


  1. Such pretty garden shots friend! Look at those happy blooms! And those plates....gosh...just so delicate and pretty!! What a find! Wishing you more lovely strolls in the garden this weekend! Nicole xo

  2. Your plates are wonderful and very romantic. Your garden and your blooms are fairy

  3. Your dishes are so romantic! I LOVE that pattern! Don't beat yourself up too much over leaving the two plates behind. Maybe they were meant for someone else to find.

  4. lovely blog janice, i love the way you make a little story of your pictures... our front and backyard are already 3 years all with bricks? we getting old and cant garden its too much mantainance..but we do it another way..will take some pictures, just waiting some sunny days...its spring still breezy and cold...thanks for sharing...i hope your moms home getting more progress...and you got strenght to work on it...blessings soraya

  5. Hi Janice,
    Congratulations on your teacup win at Martha's Favourites! Did you know? It's a beauty that you're getting. I won a pretty teacup from her last year. She is such a dear! Your limoges china is gorgeous! I love the scalloped plates and have done the same thing - gone back and it was gone! Remember the line - "Get it or regret it!" Lol! Happy Tea Day and thanks for visiting me! Karen

  6. No i didnt know I won the teacup how exciting 🌺

  7. Hi Janice...Oh, beautiful pink rose china. Lovely, lovely. And your darling garden is like your own "secret" garden. Is that at your house or your Mama's cottage? How is it coming along, by the way? Susan

  8. Oh, this is a soft pink tea cup, so pretty. I really enjoy looking at all the different tea cups that you have come across along the way. I just found a blue one at an antique store in Sacramento. I know how much you love tea cups, and I posted it today if you want to take a look. :~)