Monday, May 25, 2015

Strawberry Teapot...

Hello Good Monday Morning
It's another dreary day here in San Francisco...
The day where you should be home baking some goodies for your afternoon tea
But I'm still at my Mama's house.  Thinking that maybe I should do a bit of 
cleaning in the room that has all the stuff that we, well I decided to 
keep.  So probably after my post
I will go and clean up a bit and go through some of the boxes to decide what to keep
and what not to keep.
I have been emptying out the kitchen drawers.  Mama kept every little screw rubber band
that came her way....
I have two little junk drawers only at home.  Mama has four large ones.. 
Here is my Strawberry teapot.. I just love this it's bright and cheery..
I purchased it a couple months back..
I don't have any teacups yet to go with it and I haven't been able
to find any for it.. It's a off white almost light beige color with the brightest 
strawberries ever and green leaves and White blooms.. 
I just have my red crocheted teacup which looks pretty good with it..
I'm not sure what teacups I should look for but I'm sure when I see it or them I will 
I'm very happy with this teapot I wish I could have gotten some better
photos sometimes the color just doesn't do it justice through
the photos.  Perhaps I should have went outside..
Well I suppose it's time to start cleaning have to go back home tonight...
Regular day starts back tomorrow...
Have a most wonderful new week
with love


  1. Ciao,cara Janice!La tua teiera sa di primavera!Ci vedo delle tazze bianche o rosse!Immagino che fatica tornare a casa di tua mamma,decidere le cose da tenere e fare le pulizie!Un abbraccio,Rosetta

  2. Another wonderful tea pot. Wish I lived close enough to have tea with you ;) Blessings on your week ♡

  3. Shelley I wish too, that would be wonderful.. and we could sit and chat and just have a wonderful time blessings

  4. Hi Janice, and nice to meet you! I was born in Palo Alto and raised on the peninsula. I just love the strawberry teapot, and the crocheted teacup is so cute! I have seen some before, but I am not a crocheter, just cross stitch. Thanks for visiting!

  5. Janice, your strawberry teapot is really pretty. I'm sure you will find a teacup or two to match up with it. The crocheted teacup is cute too. Thank you for joining me for tea and Happy Memorial Day!


  6. The crocheted teacup and saucer is one of the cutest things I've seen this week! Purging can be a daunting task but it's definitely worth the effort!

  7. That's a lovely teapot and the crocheted cup and saucer go wonderfully with it.


  8. Hi Janice,
    I just love your strawberry teapot and it does look pretty with your red crocheted teacup. Happy Tea Day! Blessings, Karen

  9. Oh Janice. That's a lovely teapot. So, so pretty. I imagine your Mama's house
    is going too be a darling cottage, filled with all beautiful things from your
    hands and creative mind. It will be JUST GORGEOUS! Susan p.s. Thanks for your visit.

  10. Janice that teapot is just stunning. I love it. Have a wonderful week. Blessings, Martha

  11. Tea pot looks very beautiful with good design on it. The cup kept near it looks very beautiful. All the best for your cleaning process...

  12. This teapot is so pretty. The crocheted teacup is gorgeous. I love red and white union.

  13. Janice, did you crochet the teacup?