Tuesday, May 12, 2015

My Garden Teapot...

I thought I would share my newest Teapot...
I was surprised when I found this.  In the several years that I have been
surfing on Ebay.. It's the first time I have ever seen one...
And believe me I had to fight with myself about it..
I bet I own close to thirty teapots these
days.. shhh don't tell...
But this one is just Beautiful 
it perfect condition...
Royal Albert's Flowers Of the Month
I really Love the beauty of it...
It has the lovely flowers of the Month all around the pot
I can't wait until the weather is much better... Here in San Francisco it has been 
very very windy like just crazy..
I believe its in March we are suppose to have that 
silly crazy wind...
My Garden was a absolute mess this morning
after I spent hours cleaning up..
I want to have tea in the Garden and use my New teapot
So Sweet...
I have an October teacup...
and I have a January one as well..
but it's put away 
and I had a April but someone
broke it on me.. 
It now rest In the Garden with
all the others that didn't make it..
I love love the October one
It has O my gosh I forgot the names of them..awe I believe Cosmos...They 
look so pretty...
So as soon as the weather calms down we will be having 
tea once again in the Garden...
I now have a little fairy Garden next to my Table and chair where I always have tea
under the Tree in the back of my Garden....
How do you feel about these...
I rather like them..
I bought the first one on the top..
then later on I purchased the others.. 
and I a couple months ago purchased
a Black Teapot..
I love Teacups don't you..
and Roses well they are my most favorite flower ever..
so Roses and roses it shall be..
~*Mother's Day Roses*~
That were suppose to be for my
But we didn't get 
there in time..
I was so sad, but so many event's going on..
We been cleaning in the basement..My gosh so so so much stuff...
We actually have one small room upstairs painted and now I have
to buy new trims because the other was so old..
but It's funny all of a sudden inside 
the room feels like a different place for the rest
of the house.. 
As my son Says Little by little Mama.. 
don't worry.. 
I got some more things out of the kitchen area as well.
This weekend we will go down in the basement again to continue
cleaning.. it's just packed.. 
but we decided that it has to be cleaned the electrical wiring is shot..
for first one the list get wiring done and some beans put up..
So just wanted to share my newest Teapot with you...
and Vee and the babies are ready for home bound...
So I have to leave you at this ...
Wishing you all a most enchanting 
new week...
with much love


  1. Oh so beautiful, and I just love roses especially on teacups and teapots.

  2. Janice, your new teapot is a real beauty! I love it! Just think, whenever you find a RA Flower of the Month teacup, it will be a perfect match. I also have the October Cosmos. Lovely posting with lovely roses. Thanks so much for sharing with us and if you would like to, I invite you to link up your pretty post to my tea party. Have a beautiful day.


  3. Your new teapot is fantastic. I really love roses on the porcelain. Great and very romantic find.

  4. I would have purchased the teapot too--it's beautiful and the design is unique. Also love the black teacups!

  5. Lovely teapots! and so are your blog..its just delightfull to read your posts...hope you will share pictures of your restored house...im sure will be very nice..blessings friend...

  6. What a beautiful teapot!!
    Yes I do like the black cups, They are so unusual :)


  7. It's a beautiful teapot Janice. Such lovely tea cups too. Enjoy....hope your mother's day was lovely. Blessings

  8. Janice, I have never seen the matching teapot! I bet you were just thrilled to find it. I don't think 30 teapots is too many...lol! Well, not for us tea time nuts anyway.
    Love your post.

  9. BEAUTIFUL teapot!! :-)
    Thanks for coming over to visit me!
    Many Blessings and warmth, Linnie

  10. What a lovely and special find Janice. I have never seen that pattern before. And your collection of tea cups is gorgeous. So many pretty treasures.

    Your sons is right, one room at a time my dear. Things will fall into place slowly and you will feel very accomplished when you are completely done.

    Loved the gorgeous roses too. Happy belated Mother's Day Janice.

    Warm regards,