Friday, May 22, 2015

Pretty boxes....and such...

I seemed to be loving these boxes from Ross lately. They are multi usable.
I purchased several of these at Ross for my magazines instead of them 
being just in piles in the living rm... I bought some that are wide enough
to put two stacks in, side by side
Mostly for my Victoria's
(My bunny thought she'd help show and tell to)
I love the beautiful designs they have... 
The colors are amazing..
This one in particular I got to use for my Pillow cases.
This flat doesn't have any Linen closet.. So I have had to make do with a 
hall closet.  And come to think of it Mama's house don't have one either..
We used to back in the day when I was little and before they messed up the back of the house and 
tore it out to make the Kitchen larger dummies...
but that's a whole other story.
Roses for the Rose Cottage...
I folded them, then rolled them a bit.. I like it
They look pretty inside this box...
My phone camera made the photos dull for some reason..
it is much brighter.
I fit quite a bit of maybe 22 of them.. 
Then you can close it back up and stack them 
all up in a corner etc.   I actually stacked mine on top of a wicker basket where I keep
my sheets for my bed..
It makes it all a little neater and prettier..
This is the panel on my mosaic night stand..
I found it in Pacifica Ca. at a little antique shope..
I flipped when I saw it just had to have it.  The colors are much more deeper
like I said the photos came dull for some silly reason..
The drawer front is mosaic as well and the whole top area..
 And that's that.. 
so to speak...
I want to share my Garden photos today as well..

In The Garden...
The apple's are coming about.. though I didn't see many blossoms like last year.  The tiny Apple's are forming.
I have been waiting patiently for these to come.. tiny Blue flowers..
and with a wink of the eye they appeared this morning..
I hadn't seen a sign of them..  It was a tiny tiny little bush, So I put it into a 
Blue Ceramic Basket to hang...
I first saw them at the nursery and I asked the lady what are these
and of course I forgot the name of them..
She said O these are over here..
and I bought the one they had left and brought it home and yay
here it is
Aren't they sweet.. little tiny Blue bells that open up..
Petunia's I also love and they have so many amazing ones..
These are the ones that are in my long basket that I haven't hung yet..
I must must have color in my life for it brings joy to my mind and heart...
And always Pansy's...
And My Zucchini plant blooming...
I almost thought it wasn't going to take off.. but finally I saw new leaves coming 
and this morning a sweet blossom .. 
My Green beans are nothing something ate them up not slugs either.. they just disappeared
I haven't found anything yet to say what..
Well I suppose that's it for today..
Today my youngest grand baby turned one..
and Vee will have a family get together tomorrow here
at Mama's house so I have a few things to do.. She got a new job 
and has to go for training tonight till 11pm..
Wishing you all a great rest of the weekend thank you always 
for your dear visits
with love
Leonel... Elijah.. Bonilla..


  1. Your grandbaby is adorable! Thank you for coming by and leaving such a nice message. I appreciate the good word on my article and my shop. I like those pretty boxes too! A great place to store linen. And your garden plants are just so cheery! Have a great weekend!

  2. I love your romantic boxes. Thanks for sharing these awesome pictures and items. The bunny, the bedroom are so pretty. Your grandbaby is very sweet.

  3. Janice, this pink rose box is so pretty. I have to go to Ross and see what I can find now. What a great idea to use it for magazines. Sometimes magazines stacked up can look so messy. You know, my husband and son surf in Pacifica sometimes; it's such a charming town, isn't it? Your garden flowers always amaze me. Such a variety and blooming very nicely.

    Have a beautiful weekend, dear.

    love, ~Sheri

  4. Hi Janice,
    It's Paula Shoats (now Neill) but divorced. Live here in Marysville. We just finish the Regional Convention (used to be District) here in Sacramento -- many amazing things being taught now. Have a new brochure I would love to send you. Can you leave me a post here and I will check it from time to time. or you can send it to my email Love you always and keep your mom and dad and brother in mind. they will be with us in Paradise, soon to come. Love you more...Paula