Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Rose.....

Good Afternoon friends, First I want to thank Faith for posting my crocheting on her blog, I feel so honored!!! Thank you Faith...So in honor of you I will try to post the directions of my Rose...
What I used, Size 10 thread, and size 11 needle..... Chain 6, connect, forming circle, chain up 6, dc in into circle. chain 2, dc repeating till you form six prongs
Next Row, What I do is chain five connect in top of prong continuing around forming 6 loops so to then it looks as if you have 6 double loops...
Next Row, I slipped stitched into the first loop chain up one...then do five dc forming your first pedal.

Slip stitch into the next loop repeating till you complete each pedal ending to slip stitch into the behind loop.
(LOL I hope that you can understand me...first time I ever did this, If you have a problem tell me and I will try to help)
Next Row, Of pedals (second row) First slip stitch in and chain up 7 times, each time slip stitching into the next loop completing 6 pedals.
then I formed next row of loops, chain 6 slip stitch,(connecting somewhere in each ending of each former pedal)...
Last Row, chain up two, tc 9 times forming pedal. Slip Stitching into next. repeating 5 more times Making 6 pedals in all...
Next....Next post if this works out good I will tell you the next step to the Rose Doily...want to see first before I write more if you can understand me...
I'm now at the end of the main doily Just putting the edging on. and have started my 12 Roses for the edging.
My only problem now it to figure out how they connected the Outer Roses to the Main doily...It looks as if there is no, well there like looped into each other...I told Mom it's strange. It's like if they were putting the edging on and connected it to the main doily but Idk...we will have to see when I get
I went to Lovejoy's Tea house favorite place. I picked up my other two plates and my two tea towels...
I also purchased this Green Depression glass candy dish... so sweet I collect gr depression glass and pink and blue...I love love this will go cute with my things..It's in the car wrapped up but when I get it home I will take a picture of it for you.
I'm ready for a cuppa of hot Tea even though it's a warm beautiful day....I hope that you are pleased with my Rose directions....plz tell me if something don't make sense to you...Then we will continue the pattern..wishing you a most lovely Sunday afternoon


  1. OOO excited! Getting my hook out..Love this doily. So glad I found your blog!

  2. you really are so sweet...thank you for the inspiration & the directions of the lovely rose...your plates are gorgeous....I love visiting here with you...:) see you are an ispiration to others just like I said....inspire is I who should be thanking you.

  3. I hope you can figure out the Rose from my directions....please let me know...thank you both...

  4. New follower from Faith's blog. Your directions are a little confusing only because I have been crocheting forever and know the terminology, but I understand what you are saying. As for adding the outer roses (already made, right?), you join by single crocheting into a space on the rose, then chaining several stitches and sc in rose around until you reach the doily. This isn't very clear instructions and I will try to find the proper instructions for you if needed.

  5. Charlotte I'm new to this direction thing. I can't read them very well at please do if you can figure out what I wrote...thank you

  6. Faith! come on over to my blog and see how I did!


  7. Oh So Pretty! I have been trying for days to leave comments on your blog and it would not let me so here I go again....hope it works this time.....

  8. YAY!!!! :)))) It worked!

  9. Thank you Danette your a sweetie for coming back and retrying appreciate that very much... : )