Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Looking forward to Fall

I'm definitely ready for Fall, which starts I think September 22..I changed some of my page around to Fall colors. . . Yesterday while cleaning up around in the garden that's what it felt like a Fall afternoon...that crisp feeling in the air. I just love it...I awoke up around 4:30am...with a horrible sore throat boy been up ever since...
There's this old pattern of dishes well vintage, I never knew what the name was and finally today I found it out...Anchor Hocking Soreno Green is the name I was surprised for the name...well I a while back ago when I was looking for green Pyrex I found the little salt and pepper shakers. Today I order yeah yeah I know...but I order a lovely pitcher and a pretty green round tray with white roses
This is the pitcher, I can't wait to get it...I already have several glasses...
Here's the tray I thought it was so sweet...and to my surprise I found this butter dish...I never ever seen one before...

There are Tea cups and saucers as well.
So I told myself one piece or two a month...I know I have alot of blue and I just love it. But I have been thinking for some time now I would love a green kitchen for a while. I have had blue always. I won't get rid of it but seriously I would like the change Green and white...

I found this lovely photo and I got this recipe as well, isn't that crazy...would love to have this large bowl to make it in...

Broccoli salad

Serves: 6
Prep Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes plus overnight for the dressing

You can use chopped up bacon that you cooked ahead, instead of the bits in a jar.

1 c. mayonnaise
½ c. sugar
¼ c. white vinegar
2 bunches broccoli (flowerets only well washed)
1 c. coarsely chopped pecans
1 c. raisins
½ c. red onion (chopped fine)
2 oz. jar real bacon bits
¼ c. grated sharp cheddar cheese for garnish


Mix the first three ingredients in a small bowl. This is the dressing for the salad. It's best if the dressing is made the day before serving. Refrigerate overnight.

Mix salad ingredients in a bowl, except for cheese. When you're ready to serve, mix the dressing and salad, then sprinkle cheese on top.
I love this chip and dip bowl as well...I can just picture a lovely table setting with white.
And I'm definitely going to get me a fondue I so want one to have and share with my grandchildren I think it would be fun to do a fondue Tea Party. Isn't this so cute.
A couple of weeks and it will be fall..................
I have already been collect some green and white Pyrex called the Lazy Daisy pattern I think.

I want this as well, I have a round yellow one I got from Mom's house..but I would trade for this one
well, that's my post for today, I'm heading back home to hang out...and think some things out. .
Just a note:
I'm not sure if I can continue the pattern for you...I basically wanted to show you the Rose,but will see...wishing you a lovely day with love Janice


  1. Buongiorno Janice,
    adoro il tuo verde, trovo che la cucina sia il posto adatto per
    questo colore. Vedo che i tuoi
    lavori proseguono, sei bravissima!!
    Love Susy x

  2. Remember me?

    Just stopping by to say, "Hello." I love your green dishware. Hope things are going well for you and your fiance.

    Blessings. :)