Thursday, September 27, 2012

Almost finished....sharing....

Helo my friends, I'm almost finished up...doing the edging already this photo was the other day...
Do you remember I finished the Purple white and lime green I had it for sale and I ended up giving it to a older woman in here 80...She was in the lobby at the hospital where I take mom...She was sitting in a chair eating a banana, I noticed on the round table she had a needle and some thread and there was a dish cloth...she had started making a edging around it..
So I got up to ask her how she was doing she explained it to me..A very sweet woman who believed strongly in God. Her conversation was the most wonderful thing...she had said she taught herself how to crochet...I told her basically I did the same well the fine crochet...she o do you crochet, I said yes I do...well we all talked for some time...then I had to go pick up the car and come back and get Mom and Vee...
so as I did just that something told me to go give her that other doily...when I drove up and parked I told Mom and Vee was she still there they said yes. But when I had got there she wasn't. I looked up and she was walking away, I went after her and I said excuse me...she stopped and looked, I placed i over her arm and told her this is for you my dear I reached up and gave her a hug and a kiss on the cheek...and she was like omg is this for me really...
Of course I made my day and now I want to make yours...she was so thrilled and I walked away she kept saying omg I can't believe it and God bless as I walked away she said you made this and I said yes ....She replied this is just what I been looking for and again she warmed my heart...It was a great experience and well worth it...I was so pleased that she was so happy she deserved it for sure...

Here's my pretty leaf I found yesterday outside...I love it...Well I hope that you are having a most lovely day so far...I'm off and out of here...O update on the doily.
I don't think it's good to make it with a size 11 needle..It doesn't seem to sit I believe the 7 1/2 I think it is works perfect...
With much love Janice.


  1. Now that is a masterpiece - you are talented with those fingers! Thanks for linking to Open House!

  2. a deed of the heart from the will come back to you somewhere at sometime...just as it did for the dear lady...a very nice story...and a beautiful doily...:)

  3. That was so nice of you to give the lady the doily. I bet you both touched each others lives. take care, Darlene

  4. It is so much more blessed to give than receive...God's word says so :) I have always preferred to be on the giving end....such a sweet thing for you to do! Blessings

  5. What a nice story. It is truly more blessed to give than to receive.The joy you got from being so sweet and generous will stay with you for a long time to come.