Monday, September 10, 2012

Busy Bumble Bee Tea Pot........

Helo my sweet friends, I have been busy at home...doing some things. Cleaning up the Garden and getting ready for fall...what about you???...I woke up yesterday morning and went into the Garden and it felt so wonderfully good...I decided to go into the storage and get the box that has my Bumble Bee Tea pot ... I pulled it out and went into the kitchen and washed it all up and got it ready for tea...
I'm so happy that I found it, I was beginning to think that I couldn't find one...and now I want to find the sugar bowl and creamer...
I love the honey cones, they make it more grand looking.....
A nice cuppa hot Tea.........
Would you join me for a cuppa......I have a eight place setting.
An Old tea strainer I have had for years................
And of course I take do you take your cuppa.....I'm at Mom's now visiting and washing my big blankets and quilt to put up...I decided to take down my purple and put up some Fall colors...lovely burnt oranges and beige and golden colors...
A few sweet grapes....?.......they were so divinely wonderful tasting...
I hope you enjoyed your cuppa, I have some Tea Pot cookies to share with you..I made them yesterday they are wonderful and exciting to make...So I will be back soon to show you the recipe...
Sneak peek.....have a enchanting Tuesday my dear friends, thank you for stopping in and visiting and having tea with me...with love Janice


  1. I so enjoyed taking tea with you today Janice. A very unusual setting. xx

  2. Love that bee tea set. I have the teapot but not the cup. So lovely together!..Christine

  3. Good morning Janice,
    What a cute teapot! Love your cookies; perfect for a tea party! I love your photos of the pretty leaf. Please feel free to link your nice post up with Tea Time. Hope you have a beautiful day.


  4. What a fun tea set! I love this honeycomb pattern on the tea pot and cup. I don't think I have ever seen a pot like this. It is fabulous!
    Your cookies look amazing too. Can't wait to see how you made them.
    Thank you so much for sharing with us.

  5. It looks as though we all had fun at your tea party, with your lovely
    bumblebee tea pot,,,the cookies ....waiting for the recipe...mmm....fall is grand, cool, fresh & colorful....straight from God's colorning book to be favorite tingles they eyes and makes you feel alive...bursting with all the colors.....before the trees go to sleep storing up engery to produce more beauty in the spring...can't be outdone, it is a win win situation .......

  6. Cute little bee tea set Janice and your teapot cookie is perfect to have alongside a cup of tea.
    I love using those cutters, I think I have 3 sizes but my flooding with icing needs work.

  7. I love the tea set. It is just right for the fall season. Your cookies turned out so nice. Looking forward to the recipe. take care, Darlene

  8. I love your tea set -perfect for this time of year.
    Your cookies look wonderful too.
    Thank you for your kind words today-I am happy to have met you.

    Take care,

  9. Such a lovely post Janice. Your bumble bee tea set is too darling. I take my tea black. And drink it hot and all day long! Strawberry tea is my favorite or cinnamon in the winter. I have the same teapot cookie cutter. Your cookies are beautiful. I will look forward to your recipe. Love to you!

  10. Love your honeycomb-bee dish set, especially the tea pot! The cookie you showed is beautiful and would be so neat at my Church's annual tea we have for the seniors. Looking forward to the recipe!

  11. Your tea set is so sweet! How wondeerful to have a large set of the pattern! Your cookies look so yummy and beautiful and can't wait for you to tell us how to make them. Happy tea tuesday to you!

  12. Such a darling teapot! And those Beautiful cookies! I wish I had patience for that kind of thing. Lovely tea party!

  13. Pretty leave on your header!
    Thank you for your kind words about my BFA! The blogging community is amazing!

    Fun tea pot!

  14. I love your teaset Janice. It is so sweet. I have been trying to send you a comment for awhile now but blogger wouldn't let me. I certainly hope this one works.

  15. Mmmmmmm I can't wait for "cuppa" weather. AT this rate, I don't think it will be until December lol
    big hugs,

  16. It takes a while for the cooler weather to get here and then it does not last long.


  18. Hi Janice,
    Your teapot is beautiful, and the teapot cookie it's just perfect!

    P.S.Your blog looks wonderful!


  19. What a lovely tea set! I like the teapot cookies, how share the recipe :)
    Enjoy the Autumn Weather and the cups of tea (I have mine with a bit of milk and a spoonful or two of keep me sweet!).
    Have a nice day today x

  20. Love those little teapot cookies( ha Ha)..It just makes teatime so much fun... especially with your " Happy" bumblebee teaset...Thanks for sharing your uplifting photos... They made my day a little sunnier...Hugs

  21. Gorgeous tea party and the bumble teapot is so sweet! The time to enjoy yourself is always a treat having such a lovely set. The fall leaf is so pretty!

    Thanks, Pam

  22. Hi Janice!
    You had left me a comment recently about some canisters you said you have that are on one of my Pinterest boards.
    I was wondering if you'd be interested in trading or selling the canisters?
    Please contact me at
    I look forward to hearing from you! :)

  23. Janice,
    This post was so delightful to me. I loved everything about it... the honeycomb tea pot, the tea pot cookies, and wherever did you find that tea strainer? It's so unique. I'm glad I came over to visit with you. There is Fall in the air over here, and it is my favorite season. I take my tea just plain, no sugar, no cream (English Breakfast is a tasty one to me). Lovely post, my friend.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  24. Your beehive teapot is so sweet. I hope you can find the other pieces.

  25. Hi Janice, so enjoyed this post with your bee pot and cups.

    Bumble bees are special to my family as we have a 6 year old granddaughter we call "Miss Bee". She was born with severe special needs and like the bumble bee who should not be able to fly she continues to amaze all of us.

    Looking forward to your recipe and tips as to how you frosted them so perfectly. Will have to find my teacup cookie cutter for sure.

    Blessings from Arizona,

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  27. I have the whole bee tea set pot with four cups, putting it in my yard sale this weekend cuz it would cost too much to mail it to anyone interested. Pity.