Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday morning,...trying to re- focuss

I always try to re-focuss my life, sometimes we get caught up in the bustle of things and forget which direction we should be going. I always know in my heart which direction I want to go. But daily life side tracks me a lot. I can't always get to Church and I surely haven't since I had the pneumonia. So I can listen over the phone which I have been doing the last several Sundays. I'm also ready to resume my Bible Study. I need that boust. I do believe in the fact that if you surround yourself in God and his doings you will flourish greatly and will have less temptations to fall away into the Devils hands. I have noticed on my own how simple that indeed is. So getting closer to Jehovah God is indeed on my list of things to do. I try hard to work at that. I don't let things make me give up. For me it has been along journey. Reason being I had lost faith in God way back when my father became an alcoholic, and he was a Elder in the church. But there was always something that kept burning inside me for God. So through many attempts and trails and situations I kept trying to go back. I don't consider myself to be really super strong cause I have fallen back behind things in my life many times. But then I think I'am a strong woman cause I haven't let it totally defeat me. I keep trying and I'm hopeful that one day I will be a strong woman of God soon. I have strong faith and belief Of him and Jesus. So I know my heart is in the right place it's just certain things that hold me back now. The best thing is there is no longer a man to stop me. It's just my panic attacks and one other thing. But I have faith that Jehovah will help me over come these things just as he helped me with all the rest before.... Keeping faith is important and having the right heart but I know applying yourself is just as important if not more...Always trusting in the Father above. . . Wishing you all a grand Sunday..with love Janice


  1. Sometimes the older we get the more wisdom we get. What a lovely Sunday post!!
    Have a Nice Day!!

  2. I just wanted to encourage you as you journey on with Christ. May his love shine in your heart and fill you to overflowing.