Friday, February 17, 2012

Ready for the Weekend

Mornin, Are you ready for the weekend? Well I'am. Going home to work some more on my house putting it back together. I want to work in the garden as well. I purchased some bulbs on line yesterday I couldn't resist. I have been wanting some Irises forever. I had some when I first got married and when I left that he let some lady dig them up on me and take them away I was so mad. I bought some white ones but never seem to find my large purples ones looks what I ordered.

Look isn't it beautiful, I can't wait to receive them I would have gotten more but they weren't more later..

So pretty, I bought some seeds the other day blue morning glories and some other blue seeds.

I decided to make a blue section in my garden ... can't wait... and one more I purchased never saw these before.
there almost like a calla lilie so sweet .. I can't wait to get them and see them bloom in the garden. Well I think that's it I want to go get some lemons off Mom's tree and go up to the Attic and get my Comforter to take home and maybe the white chair..wishing you all a lovely lovely weekend full of love and laughter...with love Janice...

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  1. Oh what lovely Irises Janice!! And I LOVE Morning Glories. I used to have them growing all along a fence where I used to live. I think a blue theme will be beautiful! I haven't been a very good blog friend lately because I've been spending waaaay to much time over at Pinterest!! I'm trying to do better and visit my friends! Thanks for your visit! You mentioned not knowing of a pink colored powder. You can buy powdered food coloring at various online shops - just google it. It's good for making french macarons because it doesn't add any liquid to the mix. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! xoxo Jina