Thursday, February 16, 2012

Moving things around

Well I decided to stay and not move for the moment let my son move in. Yesterday evening I emptied out the white hutch and the buffet in the dinning room. Then I called my son and asked him could he come over and help me exchange he did and he left and I started wiping them down and cleaning the dishes etc...I rather like it. I'm not done yet and need to finish up this weekend. Or maybe even tomorrow. But I really like it..It seems to have made the area look more bigger. Im going to drag home a white chair that I have up in the attic at Mom's to put in front of the hutch it has a pull out desk, I guess that's what it is or maybe its extra for baking humm never thought of it. Last nite I added some of my tea cups opening it half ways and ran them across I really like it...I felt much better when I woke this morning. It felt fresh and clean. I also changed my sheets this morning to my new Ralph Lauren Sheets they look so nice so then it made me think hum I want to bring home the Ralph Lauren Comforter that I have up in the Attic it's darker blues like the sheets the one I have now is lite blue and white.
The sheets......
It's almost spring just a few more weeks and March will be here. Yesterday I stopped off at the garden Nursery and picked up some 20 percent off Gladiolus bulbs, they were 5.99 for a bag plus the 20% off. I bought two bags they should have been planted already in Jan. But I can still plant them so I will do that Sat. If it doesn't rain. Sunday I'm going to visit Yuliana, my granddaughter. plus it's my son's Birthday he will be 34. So it will be a change or pace. Just won't have my daughter with me but that's okay. I just mite think I will be okay...with my son being there sometimes.
O I forgot to tell you, yesterday at the Nursery I bought this tiny fairy and mushroom house and a rock for the garden so sweet they are. Well thats all for this evening wishing you sweet dreams ....nite with love Janice

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