Sunday, June 12, 2011



                                                "What does LOve Mean"
Hummm, What does that really mean to you? First of all we are all born with sin! We inheirted it through Adam and Eve's wrong... So we are imperfect people from the get. God Jehovah is LOve! I believe I'm a Good Woman and I've have done and done and done...My life story is always picking the wrong man...Why I have no clue.....This is a personal thing made public..but thats what writing is about to me. Being free to speak your mind....So I'm going to share my personl feelings with you this morning...I have to get it out of my system. . I'm irritated this morning...about LOve...Someone told me that they "TRULY" Loved me..and at the moment I find it funny cause he told me we are done cause I'm to much..IT'S ALONG STORY TO BE TOLD...well anyways can someone tell me what the words I LOVE YOU mean????  AT THE MOMENT I HATE MEN, AND IT'S BECOMING MORE AND MORE...I LET ANOTHER MAN GO BECAUSE OF HIM...because I came to believe in those words...  "I truly love you"
trust me he said, I won't hurt you I won't. but you know what this is my stupidity for believing him in the first place like I hesitated should had listen to myself..rite. Okay well ima be okay rite...Rite...Done looking for a man..Those of you who have a honest loving husband or man..Take good care of him. Because they are rare and becoming rarer...
Sorry everyone this blog probably don't make sense to you...but it does for me..

Why say that you Love someone when you really don't  or  you have no clue what that means
well I guess it has to do with this inperfect world that we live in...I'm glad I'm not like everyone else in my ways...I have values and morrals I believe in God and I don' t tend to be fake..I don't say things just because it's a notion to do so...What I speak is real from within my soul...God has given me so much in sense and value which I'm ever so grateful for. I do have things to still work on but at least I'm aware of them and myself where others have no clue...
I will in time be fine I know it just feels lousy at the moment..


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  1. SWEET DREAMS FRIEND..ITS LATE OVERHERE..DONT WORRIED TO MUCH I NOW ITS EASY TO SAY IVE BEEN THERE. god loves you so much dont ever blame this life always will have people who dont treat us properly i can tell but remember one thing god sees everything.. the vengance is his.. just keep doing good one day you will see..i now for sure..have a great beginning of the week is pentecostal tomorrow staying home with huub but tuesday working again.. wont be much on the pc..but when i get the chance ill talk to you if its alright with you. you are a very nice lady take care.. loves from our home to yours.. soraya