Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday's ramblings from the weekend...

     Good morning all..  It seems to be a quite morning and I'm pooped out from the weekend..  I did a lot of cooking Saturday evening for our family picnic which turned out fabulous..  One of the things I made was what Latin people call Carnitas, pork meat.  It was a recipe I found online and I thought it to be the perfect thing for the picnic to make tacos because we always do barbecue chicken and I wanted a change..  This was a nice recipe in my opinion.. 
A so simple crockpot recipe which aloud me to prepare the other things..  A large pineapple upside down cake..  Which my oldest daughter wanted..  A buttermilk pie.. All the other things for our tacos..  Like pico de gallo pickled red onions with jalapenos carrots, Crema with chipotle chili, crema for those of you who don't know it is a sour cream, Mexican..  I also made Salmon cakes..  I incorporated two sides of our cultures..  My grandfather's were both southern men.  And my children are half Latin..  So i mixed it, something we never did before..  I stayed at Mama's house a prepared the food because the picnic was being held at a small loco park were my mama and I grew up at..  I so forgot to take pictures yesterday I was tired after all the cooking I basically just sat there while my children did all the rest..  Awe nice...  My children took over when I got there..  We had a wonderful time everyone was pleased with it..  God blessed me with a beautiful lovely day..  Thank you Jehovah!!!
So this morning I'am sitting in my kitchen with a lovely cup of hot tea...   And a older Victoria magazine that I just received in the mail on Friday..  
     Sometimes I go on line and look for different things and I happened to be looking at old Victoria magazines, because as you might know I truly love this magazine..  I saw this one and hadn't recognized it.  I had missed one this year and I thought this was it, but, when I looked at the date I saw it was from year 2014, March..  Still not realizing this was the month that Mama passed on till this morning..  So I had also missed that one,  I was like wow..  And felt warm in my heart that moment..  So this morning not really reading it I thumbed through the pages..
     This story is about finding old pressed flowers inside a old book...
          Sweet quote...
     I love love these spoons with names of herbs etc...  One day I hope to find some or get some...
     A sweet basket filled with your garden things...
     Grand places, I think this is in Texas, I believe it is called Galveston Island..  I love the wood work and the painting in the wall..
     Beautiful workmenship...
     A Alfresco Luncheon...  I love Yellows and Oranges...
     A buffet style...  Which we did yesterday..  Which we needed a extra table.. 

Lemon poppy seed pound cakes..  They look so pretty...

     Beautiful gardens...  Huntington's Garden, 12 miles away form downtown Los Angeles...  Never knew...

     It reads, The Huntington was always destined to become a public garden.  However after Henry passed away in 1927, and following the Great Depression and World war 2, the property suffered some difficult times.  But by the 1950's, the cultural, research, and educational center had experienced a revival.  In recent years they have spearheaded the creation of the Chinese garden and the children's garden.  There are 40 dedicated gardeners and many volunteers who have helped transform the flowers into masterpieces.  I would love to visit here in the photos it looks so grand and beautiful...
 Floral inspirations...


     Love this bed...  This is a mansion in Miami, Florida...  Early 1900's...  

 Ireland's South coast...  I would love to see the world's enchanting places..  Like the views of Wisteria grove..  sounds devine ..  


     Always leaving and ending with recipes...
     Maybe a fresh tart...

     And that's the end..  Have a lovely day today and a wonderful new week..  The sun is coming out so I think I will tend the garden..  I can hear them singing, the little ones, the birds of the sky... 
With love,
Janice... ..
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  1. Dear Janice:
    What a fun post - hope you will be joining my blog party today with your reflections on "Victoria Magazine"! I love the old issues the best.

  2. This is a such beautiful and romantic magazine. I love all the pictures and your tea is very inviting

  3. Janice, I love the old Victoria magazines as well. The photos are so lovely, aren't they? It sounds like you had a splendid barbecue with your family. I like spicy food too. Your blue teacup is pretty. Thank you for sharing with us and I hope your week is lovely.


  4. Thank you for sharing the lovely Victoria images. I'm also admiring your pretty blue teacup!

  5. It sounds like you had a wonderful picnic, Janice. All your food sounds delish! The images from the Victoria magazine are so romantic and dreamy, aren't they? I hope you have a great week!

  6. Sounds like a great family picnic, creating I am sure some wonderful memories. Love the reflections of a great magazine. Take care.

  7. How fun to find an old magazine. Im guilty of hanging onto them for too long, but do go through and clip and file fabuouls ideas, places and looks. My idea of trends are whether they are a 100 years old or not---if I like it, I still like it 20 years later.
    Great issue and I think I remember that one, wonder if it is still around here now, Sandi

  8. Being tired from a busy quality weekend such as yours is a good thing. Victoria magazine is one of my all-time favorites. I have a stack that is hard to part. Jill from Tea & Etc.

  9. Love your blue cup. Only Victoria magazine can make us all dream of such beauty. Have a great week. Blessings, Martha

  10. Dear Janice:
    This post is featured today on my Special Features from the Monday party! Congratulations.