Sunday, May 8, 2016

Memories Of Mama...

        Last night seemed to be such a difficult evening, I struggled most of the day thinking of mama and how I needed her I needed her friendship, her comfort.  I honestly feel that she knew and understood the pains of my life and if she didn't know something she would say, Louise, I really don't but I knew she was there anyway and that was a comfort.. .  Now I feel like there is simply no one at all that I can confide in.  My children are so wrapped up in there own messes, did I say messes yes I did.    They each have their own struggles in life and it is so difficult for them to think much about their mom.. . 
       Me, I always thought of my mom, I talked to her everyday...  I included her in everything...  Idk maybe it is just me needed something more in my life.. .  Maybe I just miss my mama..  .  I have to say I'am grateful that Mama lived till 79.. .  I think of all the time we laughed together.. .  All the times she would call me up and say Louise I don't feel like staying home get dressed and let's go the heck with it.. .  And we go to lunch and thrifting.. .  Sometimes we would go far away to go for a drive and other times we would stay close to home.. .  Sometimes she would drive and sometimes I would.. .  I honestly never thought you could miss someone more then you have missed other's death is so final.. Sadly we have to experience it.. .  I look back and reflect on so many things that mama had said to me but I really did not understand.. .  But believe I truly understand now.. .  She would often say it was sad her mom had died so young.. .  She missed her and I did not realize it.. .  Sorry mama.. .  
        I'm up early and I been up...  Decided to make a pot of tea, It is ugly weather her in San Francisco.. .  Yesterday we had shower's off and on and it looks as if we will have more.. .  After my tea I'am going to try to plant a few more seeds my seeds that I already planted are sprouting.. .  Now to keep the slugs from eating them.. .
        Going to have to bundle up so I stay warm.. .


        My ducks, yes I still have ducks in my kitchen,  I know they are way out of style,  but I really don't mind I love them.. .  I think I shall always.. .


                                  HAPPY MOHER's DAY, 
                                              with LoVe.. .


  1. It must be hard to be without your dear Mother on this poignant day, I feel truly blessed that I still have my dear Mum and cherish every moment that I have with her. Take care.

  2. Remember the lovely memories of your dear Mum. Blessings to you.

  3. This is a so sweet post. Special memories that will be in your heart forever