Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Little chatter...

      Helo dearest, good afternoon..  I'm a bit under the weather, grandchildren got me sick again..  I was doing so good.  A spring cold yuk...  Today I'm sharing my little Avon pitcher...  I have two or three two in this color and a Blue one..  Found thrifting, they make sweet vases for little flowers...
      Has wonderful embossed roses on it...
      I just love the pink Geraniums with the cool mint color...

      Shabby grocery list pad..  With sweet pink roses and mint and a pen to match...
One side is days of the week to put want you need to do each day, the other side is for grkcery list...

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      I hope your having a lovely Wednesday...  Off to finish cleaning the hallway....  Have a lovely afternoon with love, Janice


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon Janice, take it easy and put your feet up for awhile. A beautiful little jug I love the colour. Take care.

  2. I love this colour! Very beautiful and romantic pictures. Hope you fell better soon

  3. Janice, I so enjoyed your beautiful photos. Hope you get well soon. I had to smile when I read "grandchildren got me sick again" -- kids are just little germbags, aren't they?! Makes me thinks elementary school teachers must build up tremendous immune systems! :-)

  4. The Avon pitchers are sweet, I have one listed in my shop that I may snitch now for the bedroom. Can't wait to have tea on the porch, if I can find a place to sit down. Pretty post, thanks, Sandi

  5. Very pretty post, Janice. And I love the background of your blog, too. Hope you have a nice day today. Susan

  6. Ma che carina la brocca Avon!Parecchi anni fa le confezioni erano molto più belle di adesso!Sei bravissima a rendere tutto così romantico!Baci,Rosetta

  7. Oh those kids with their colds :) It's a shame when you catch them as well. I hope you are feeling better soon.
    The roses in the little green jugs are so pretty, you do that so well.


  8. So very lovely you post is! I do hope you feel better soon. Spring colds are never fun.
    I love your doilies and sweet flowers. Such a lovely touch to a room!

  9. Oh, your blue vase is sooooo pretty, and it looks lovely with the pink roses in it. :)