Sunday, May 22, 2016

Feeling bored today

     I dont know why but Im feeling rather bored.  I do have things to do but I dont want to do these things, I do them everyday.  I want a change of pace something not in the usual.  But theres nothing.  Im on the broke side at the moment so there is not a lot of stuff I can do.
     And the few things I consider to do I dont have spare momies at the moment.  Living on a fixed income is hard at times because you can only stretch your monies so far.  
     One pretty Pink Rose in the Garden ...  A pretty perfect rose...  All my rose trees came out beautiful and strong and they got brown and ugly and frankly I dont know what happened so I had to cut them all back.  I didnt do this one because it had this bloom, but I will do the same after it dies back.  The rose that is.

     All my seedlings are up and out of the dirt.  I love my egg shell ones, they are so cute.  

     A little while more so the can get some height and have a fighting chance..
     Peas are coming along well too...

     Goobers are coming up too now...
     I love Goobers...      Ready for tea, Iam...
     I love Blue Willow...  

     Happy Sunday my dearest, with love Janice


  1. Janice, this is the color of Pink that I wanted my rose bush to be, but they turned out a little brighter. Your Pink rose is just right. I love seeing your blue china, it makes me smile. Yes, some days are boring days, but I have learned to appreciate them because the days of chaos are worse. Enjoy your garden and the spring days, Janice.

    love, ~Sheri

  2. Beautiful Blue willow teapot! Your flowers are pretty....Christine

  3. Such a beautiful post.
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog my dear.
    Hope you are doing well?

  4. Your garden really is starting to bloom, such pretty flowers. Love the blue and white, a great setting.

  5. Your garden is always full of beautiful flowers. Your blue china is stunning

  6. I very recently planted two new drift roses & the leaves began to yellow, so I had to prune them. They seem to be improved. Your garden is a joy, thank you for sharing. As the other ladies have said: your blue willow is gorgous! Hope your day is better.

  7. Hello Janice,

    Your blue and white china is gorgeous. Such a classic. And your garden is beautiful. You certainly have a green thunb.

    Have a great week,


  8. Yes, don't we all get tired of doing the same old things?? We must give thanks, even with the good and the bad. However Janice, your plants look so healthy and your little seedlings look so happy. Your blue Willow tea certainly must cheer and soothe your soul.

  9. Oh, I know how you feel Janice. We just need a change up sometimes. I hope you are feeling better now. Your plants are so nice. the rose is lovely. I have a rose by my door. It was so horrid one year and I cut it way done, hoping to pull it out after summer. The thing just grew and came back to life and is beautiful. I sure am glad I didn't take it out!
    Thinking of you....Linda