Friday, July 31, 2015

Not to much gibber.. Just a Teapot and such..

Johnston Bros... Windsor Ware 
I love this to much.. 
Windsor Ware 
This pattern is the one I love the most.. A few years back when I first started blogging 
I saw this on a blog and I fell deeply in love...
They are not available much.. I just happen to stumble across them on line months back..
The teapot is a different pattern but they still look great together..
I'd have to say they are rare pieces..
I'm hoping that one day I will find the real teapot and some teacups..
I have these square plates and some bowls
All separate buys.. I first obtained the Teapot, Then the square plates
Later the bowls...
I was shocked when I saw them online.. the price was good at that..
I adore the spring flower pattern and the Aqua ribbed rims 
They just seem so elegant I know I like to say every time
I can see the ladies coming over for tea in their fancy dresses and hats
I just love them...
...Sweet flowers from the Garden next door peeping over the fence into my Garden... 
Purple bells and I believe Iris.. 
and Ivy along the fence...
Hopefully one day in the future...
I can use all my things the way I have figured in my head
at Mama's place..
And I think I have decided when the time comes to paint 
the house a pretty Yellow with White trims 
with a Aqua Turquoise as high lights
There is a house close to Mama's those colors and I have always
admired it
Maybe one day soon I can take a photo and show you
It kind of reminds me of these plates...

Happy Weekend with 
ps... look at this piece.. 
(not mine)
pss... I'm sorry if I haven't visit you
but I will try to get by soon..


  1. I had to look twice, the teapot goes so good with your other pieces! Thanks for visiting with me and leaving such a sweet comment! Have a blessed weekend.

  2. So pretty! Love the aqua trim on the pieces. I also really like the beautiful blue Mason's Regency tea set that you shared in an earlier post.

    I'm also hunting for a rose chintz teapot, but now I want an aqua teapot too. Hee!

    Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful long weekend!

  3. Hi Janice,
    Your teapot is such a pretty one and yes, it works so well with your other pieces. I love the dainty flowers and the colors. How lucky for you to find them and love them.

  4. I truly enjoyed seeing all these lovely pretty images!! :-)
    Many Blessings and warmth , Linnie

  5. Hello Janice. I haven't visited for ages but glad I have.I so love this lovely set. Lucky you to find them. You must take a photo of that house in it's pretty colours you mentioned. I'd love to see it. xx

  6. Oh what a pretty tea set! They look like they match to me! Hope you can find teacups to match and enjoy!

  7. What an amazing set! Your mother had wonderful taste. Have a great week! Blessings, Martha

  8. The teaset from your dear mother is stunning! I have not one thing in light blue... must look around. The plates, teapot and all is gorgeous. I'm sure you can find teacups and other pieces from Replacements.
    Thank you for your lovely visit.