Monday, July 27, 2015

Beautiful Day...

Such a beautiful day today in San Francisco.. 
Love when I can hang out my laundry in the Sunshine...
I love my new India Mint... It smells so good and It's beautiful in a basket... I made a 
Hanging Herb Basket... with Thyme and Oregano Parsley
and the India Mint..
 The last of the African Queen's Lace... I so enjoyed it
it's the first time I grew it...

My Pansy's are still growing in the pot all the other ones except for one patch have 
twiddle down to nothings..
New plants...
These are so sweet.  I love these Daisy's ...
New Zucchini coming...
New Lettuce and Swiss Chard Basil and Gr. Onions...

These grew through the fence to my Garden..
I hope I get them before the birds
Have a wonderful blessed week
with love


  1. Look at your GORGEOUS laundry!! Who would ever think I'd describe laundry as gorgeous? Ha-ha. But yours really is. All of your plants and flowers are pretty and so healthy too. You must have a green thumb. Beautiful post! Hugs.

  2. Looks like you love gardening. I think plants respond to TLC and that makes the difference. All so pretty and I agree with Pammy Sue - gorgeous laundry!!

    Blessings from the road,
    (Traveling the USA in a 40 ft. motorhome)

  3. How sweet to see laundry hanging out! Love your pretty plants! Have a great weekend!