Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Is it Tuesday or Wednesday....

Good early morning,
So is it Tuesday or Wednesday ? ? ?
I feel like I have been running around with my head cut off for days now..
and yet today another busy babysitting day 
and cleaning around my grandbabies.. At Mama's house.. not just two six of them.. lol..
My oldest daughter is here now with the kids...
Thank you everyone for your prayers she is doing much better now
though Mama's house is a bit complicated at the moment
we will work it all out..
sooner than later..It will just take some time..
I'm definitely due for a vacation... way over due.. like about 26 years later..
Things are just on hectic..
But we are getting little things accomplished
Last night I re went through a cabinet putting more things out for free.. It seems so silly at moments 
but there is just so much If I had been trying to sell I'd be here for another two years or more
who knows.  Though I have kept somethings for me some for Vee and some things to sell.. 
I have been wanting to have a Garden tea.. but I just haven't had the time.. and the weather most days
hasn't cooperated with me, lol 
My vintage pot holder dress that I made several years ago..
Tired as can be this morning...
sitting here thinking I have to run home to meet my bible study teacher..then run back 
here to Mama's with Vee and the kids.. 
She has two appointments today with no kids allowed..
Thank goodness I have my older Granddaughter who can watch the little one for me
and I watch the older one while he plays with the kids..
Phew going to be a long day..
well my dearest bloggers I hope you are enjoying the summer
weather somewhere and having lovely Garden
tea parties.. have a blessed day
with love


  1. Oh, I want to come sit and have tea with you . . . we could talk about the garden.

  2. Ciao Janice!Il tempo corre sempre veloce!Bellissime immagini nel tuo post!Baci,Rosetta

  3. Lovely post as always Janice, i pray that you get peace in your heart, love the potholder...have a nice day!

  4. My sweet friend, thank you for another lovely post. Your pictures are always a delight to the heart.

    Thinking of you, dear one... Love and hugs!

  5. I'm very happy for your daughter. You tea setting is adorable and very pretty. I love the little dress, it' s so sweet

  6. Your hand work is beautiful. I always like seeing it. No garden tea parties here, just to hot :) Blessings friend ♡

  7. Olá navegando pela net cheguei em seu blog,gostei de tudo,resolvi ficar por aqui :) Esse vestido pegador é muito cute,parabéns.Valéria.(Brasil).

  8. So pretty, Janice. Congratulations on your new beautiful granddaughter. May she always love her Grammie and grow up filled with love and confidence. Susan

  9. You sound so weary and in need of a good rest of vacation get away. Treat yourself good at these times.....know you are lifted in prayer. Lovely linens and little crocheted potholder dress!

  10. Yes it definitely sounds like you need a break, I know the feeling. Take care.


  11. Hi Janice! It looks like you have an indoor garden party on a tray for one, with your pretty cloth and napkin. Yes, you need a vacation, but you keep plugging away. Take care and savor your quiet tea time. Hugs sent to you.