Friday, March 7, 2014

Playing in the Garden...

In the Garden this morning.. even though it's been raining.. off and on this morning it stopped and the sun came out.. Yesterday I had went to the nursery.. and picked up a few things then decided to cross over the other side of  the side of the street and go to Lowe's ... Glad I did because I couldn't find much at the Nursery but I did there..
* ` ~ * ` ` I have always wanted to buy some of these but never could find them already growing but yesterday they had some at Lowe's .. Larkspur... can't wait to see what color they will be...

* ` ~ * ` `  The Tea cup Garden is really growing since I added that Soil booster...It really is doing the job.. My Lettuce and Chives are growing like crazy now...

I have decided to make a Pink cottage Garden... * ` ~ ` * ````

I finally got my first Bleeding heart plant... * ~ ` ` ~ *  so my pink Garden is going to consist of this Pink Bleeding Heart and a beautiful Pink Fushia plant... and a really lovely Light Pink Hydreageaus...
                      Exciting right.. * ` ~ * * *

* ~ ` ` ~ * * * *  My Pink Fushia...did you know they have another name.. it's Lady teadrop...

Pink Hydreageaus...

 * ~ ` * * * * * ~ ` *  I'm not sure though where I'm going to plant them.. but I have found out this evening that they all need shade pretty much.. I knew the Fushia did.. but they all require shade specially the Bleeding Heart....

   ***** ~ ` ~ ` ~ * *   *   * Dark Pink Cala lili...

* ~ ` `` ~ * My mini Daisies.. * * ~ ` ` ` ~ *

Ever since I added that Soil Booster everything is growing very well.....

My Blue Garden is growing very well tooo.. See the new triles that I bought.. It's a blue color...

My Blue Iris is coming up can't wait to see it..

* ~ ~ `` ~ ~ * *    * My Herb Pot.. The tiny fairy's calling out ................ * ~ `  O my and I purchased a Sun        Hat in a lime green.. so pretty .. I forgot to take a photo... next time..... ^ * ~

Mint * ~ ` * I have several mints ... this is just peppermint.. but On the bottom I have Pineapple. In the Garden I have Orange and yesterday I bought Grapefruit.. and I believe in another part I have Chocolate mint.. They all smell so good... *

* ^ * ~ ` * ... I hope your enjoyed your visit with me in the Garden.. Spring is almost here... Hooooray ~~!!!

                              be back soon with Love Janice ..........


  1. Il tuo giardino è uno splendore!Bello e accogliente!mi piacerebbe essere lì!Buona giornata,Rosetta

  2. So lovely, my dear Janice :) Thank you for sharing such prettiness with us today. Hugs to you!

  3. Hi my friend...oh, I just love all your gardening Janice. That's a lot of time and thought. It's been so wet here and the plants tend to just sit and rot, so I have to wait until May to get serious about planting. I like your work! Inspiring to me on this dull morning in OR.
    You can join our tea group...just go to Afternoon Tea Across America on Facebook and send LaDonna a message. She will sign you up! It would be fun to have you there. It's a very active group with lots of tea ideas every day. Lots of pretty pix too.

  4. Janice,
    Your pink garden is going to be glorious when the flowers start to blossom. And the little daisies - one of my favorite flowers. I've never seen a pink lily before. Love your sweet fairy too. This post was such a treat for me today because when we move to our final home I would love to plant a garden. Gardening is so peaceful to me, and before you know it, beautiful flowers start to come alive.

    Enjoy your garden this weekend.


  5. Oh, I forgot to mention......that is an exquisite picture on your Header, love it!

  6. Where I am we still have snow so it is a real treat to see your sweet gardens!

  7. Great idea to make a pink cottage garden! Your blooms are very beautiful and i really adore your tea cup in the garden.