Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sharing a recipe...<((*_*))> FLAN MY WAY....

pLEAsE cOMe In AnD sIT dOwN ...Have a cup of Tea with me....I want to share my simple Flan recipe with you...I have been making this for at least 27 years. My ex mother in law gave it to me years ago. There are so many versions but she is from El Salvador and its what they make...
You will need about six ramekins, and a baking dish to put them into....a non stick skillet a wooden spoon. water. strainer. hand beater. large bowl

6 Eggs
2 can of Evaporated milk
1 c & 1 tablespoon of sugar
Mix all eggs then add two cans of Evaporated milk and the one tablespoon of sugar beat with hand mixer set aside

Get skillet and put medium heat under it...add one cup of sugar and let melt (PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE SUGAR AT ALL FOR NO REASON, WILL BURN YOU BADLY.)
When you see it starting to melt start stirring it until it become a nice caramel color.
once you reach that point turn off and right away pour it into the ramekins swirl around each one..

Then get the custard and strain it through a strainer into a pouring container...pouring into each ramekin to the top...
Then pour water into the baking dish to make your water bath for them at least half way up to the ramekins. Carefully put them into a pre heated oven around 400 degrees for around 15 mins...then continue at 350 degrees for the next 45 to 50 minutes more...checking them around the 45 with a knife in the water bath then remove and cool till when...
You can serve them like that or to make a pretty presentation loosen each one with a knife around the ramekin and turn upside down on a pretty plate ...
I hope that you enjoy my recipe, It's just so simple and my family has loved it for years...I recently served it at the lunch I just had and my guest loved it...thank you for sitting down and having a nice hot cup of tea with me...plz come back soon for the next cup of Tea...with love Janice


  1. I absolutely LOVE Flan..but husband does not. He's strange! :)
    Thank you for the recipe.
    Can you please send me your email address so I can send you the cite where I found the little tools.
    The wheelbarrow is on the same place but under a different heading. :)
    As soon as I get your address I will send it. It wouldn't go in this box...just in an email I guess.
    I had to smile when I read that you hadn't heard of the glass domes call cloches. I never had either! are not alone.
    I have learned so much by blogging..the only problem is, keeping up with it. I find it difficult at times..becomes a bit of a job and very time consuming.
    Thank you for stopping by and commenting.

  2. Your flan looks delightful. I will save this recipe and make it soon! I love your helps to make a visit to you site very relaxing.

  3. OOOo, thanks for the recipe! Hubby loves flan and so do I. Is that a Blue Betty teapot I see? I have a Brown Betty and recently dropped the lid in the sink as I was washing it and broke it. :-( Super glued it back together, but it's not so pretty now. :-)(
    Have a great day!

  4. This is so impressive - what a beautiful dessert. I have never made flan and need too! Thank you for linking to Tea in the Garden.

  5. This is so impressive - what a beautiful dessert. I have never made flan and need too! Thank you for linking to Tea in the Garden.