Thursday, May 10, 2012

Finished Blue & White.....Star Doilie...Happy Thursday

Good morning dear friend, It's sunny out with this weird coolness and a mild fog that is stretch out across the skies...Just simply silly in my opinion. Well I'm at Mom's this morning she needs to run over to the bank and handle some business. Then I will be back home...I miss sweetpea, and feel just horrible ever time I have to leave her there but Mom's house it just to much and I have to tell myself that she is better off at home...But any how I finished my blue and white star doily I'm just stuck on this star for some reason...and I'm really really loving the blue multi colored thread, the colors of blue are just so pretty...I'm definitely ready to make my next doily, but I will have to go pick up some thread.. cause I decided to do it with this Multi blue thread...I just love it...
The blues are brite and cheery to me....
I can't wait to get started on my huge pineapple doily...I'm very excited and I hope that I can accomplish it...


  1. Hello Janice
    Thanks for your visit. I like the blue and white doily you've made, perfect to go with your teacup.

  2. Wonderful work you did on the beautiful doily! I love the pineapple design as well, cant wait to see it when you are done!

  3. Your work is just so wonderful Janice. I love you Beatrix Potter pix on your sidebar. I can never get enough of BP. I enjoy your blog.

  4. Thank you everyone glad you enjoyed my doily....

  5. Hi Janice!
    I love your blue and white doily. Who is the sweet baby on your side bar? Every time I scroll down your page, my attention is drawn there. Precious baby.

  6. The blue and white doily is just beautiful! I love visiting here and am a huge Beatrix Potter fan too. :-)