Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pink doilies and Pink Roses

Good Evening, but It's for the morning cause I won't be here. I will be at home...which I have been doing a lot of staying home. I have been spring cleaning. I just have to do the Living Room and I'm done for now...It always feels good when your house is clean clean...I got up early and made some Tea in my Pink Rose Tea pot...I used this oval Rose tray that a dear friend sent to me...it's the first time I ever used it. It's been sitting in the Living Room for a while now.
It was a beautiful morning in the Garden...
My Rose tea/spoon holder I got from the local drug store.
This is my Pink Sugar bowl & creamer I have had as well for a long long time in the attic at Mom's

Isn't this an interesting bug...I thought so, so I took a picture of him ...
My last pink star doily that I made...and the other day I went to Love Joy's Tea Store, to buy my Pansy Tea Pot and it was gone I nearly died...but I bought this White & Pink doily...and I'm re-doing it I just love it..
Isn't it pretty, I'm hoping I can do the edging on it....I believe I can It doesn't look to hard...
In the Garden having Tea and Crocheting, so nice nothing better in the early morning.

I'm more than have way now, but, I forgot to take another picture. I should finish the square soon and then start on the edging. I decided to make it lilac...I wish I had a multi color like the pink on the original one...but I couldn't find one..so we will see what happen with the lilac...
I hope that you enjoyed my Rose Tea Pot and My pink Doily, I hope that you have a most lovely enchanting Wednesday day with love Janice

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  1. Your pink star doily is just beautiful! I have never tried to crochet but I have collected many pieces from ebay and other sources. You are very talented!