Sunday, May 6, 2012

Good morning to the Sun shinning so brite....God's Love the Bible

Good Morning, it's again a lovely sunny morning in San Francisco...Have you ever looked at the Bible as one of the oldest books on the earth? It is the most widely translated and distributed book as well. It is the best selling book of all time and continues to be the top seller. It has survivied every attack which power, talent and eloquence have ever made on it...Stated the 19th century Theologian Albert Barnes...
Many ancient writings have been lost, destroyed, or just forgotten, but despite vicious attacks, the Bible has always survived...I find this interesting I never thought about how it has survived through times...Have you?
The collections of writings that we know as the Bible, or the Holy Scriptures, was recorded over a period of more than 1,6oo Years. the earliest part of this collection was penned by Moses, the last, by a disciple of Jesus Christ about a hundred years after His Birth...Many efforts to silence the Scriptures have a long history extending from well before our Common Era, through the Middle Ages, and down to modern times. an early record of such efforts dates back to the time of God's prophet Jeremiah, who lived over 600 years before the birth of Jesus Christ.
The prophet Jeremiah was directed by God to write in a scroll a message condemning the sinful inhabitants of ancient Judah and warning them that their capital city, Jerusalem, would be destroyed unless they changed their ways..Jeremiah's secretary, Baruch, read the message aloud, in public in Jerusalem's temple. He read it a second time in the hearing of Judah's princes, who took the scroll to the King Jehoiakim. As the king listened to God's words, he did not like what he heard. So he cut the scroll into pieces and burned it...Jeremiah 36: 1-23.
Then God ordered Jeremiah, Take again for yourself a roll, another one, and write on it all the first words that proved to be on the first roll, which Jehoiakim the King of Judah burned up. (Jeremiah 36:28) Some 17 years later, exactly as God's word through Jeremiah had foretold, Jerusalem was destroyed, many of it's rulers were slain, and its inhabitants were take into exile in Babylon. The message that the scroll conveyed and a record of the circumstances surrounding the attack made upon it have survived until out day in the Bible book of Jeremiah...
Just a little information, I thought I'd share with you...wishing you a lovely day full of love ....with love back soon...hugs till then..

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