Thursday, February 4, 2016

Happy Thursday....

        Guess what I got a new I-pad.  I must have gotten insurance at the time and didn't realize  it.  So I'm very pleased.  I can blog again hoooray!  I want to tell you such a silly story about a teapot that I had been on the search for which you know about...   To my surprise about a month ago I guess more or less I was bored and looking online and I thought o what the heck I will take a look for it...  And I just couldn't believe my eyes and I truly could not believe the price...
        Remember this little lady,  I'm so in love with her, I love everything about her...  The ribbed 
Bottom area and all the lovely printed Blue leaves...  She is perfect for a Blue Autumn and snowy cold winter...  So here is the story I purchased her for only $24.00 dollars shipping was like $7.00 and I still can't believe it...  
          But, when she arrived and I took her out of the box and I looked around her and she had a crack along the top rim...  I wanted to cry, I thought awe to good to be true...  Well it's just on the top
Maybe I can still use her...  So I contacted the woman who I purchased it from...  She said it was not there before she had even re checked some photos...  
         I told her I was so sad...  And she agreed...  So she said there was insurance on it go and talk to the postal office which took me over a week to get there my car is not working so couldn't get there at the moment...  bus is not always a option with panic attacks...  So this past Saturday my son did not work so he took me...  I filled out the paper for the claim and the post master took it and as she was looking at the crack she said that's sad...  Then she looked again and you just won't believe it, it was a silly piece of tape little tiny piece of tape had like tiny dust or whatever that made it look cracked a thin crack...  Wow, boy was I Embarrassed!!!  She laughed and said don't be cause it did look as if it was...  
         In my heart I wAs very happy...  So now I have the complete set...  For very little cost...  I'm assuming the other piece I have is a milk pitcher, not the tea pot...  

        Now I just need to find a tea cup or two...  In time...  But for now I can use this one which I really love...  The little tiny flowers reminds me of how I Love tiny flowers...  And I love the embossed texture as well...

        They work well together...  So excited about my teapot being perfectly fine...

                                  So pretty they are...  
        Wishing you all a fabulous day...   With love,  Janice 


  1. How wonderful that there was no crack, it is such a beautiful teapot. A great set that go so well with the cups/saucers you displayed.

  2. This is a such romantic and beautiful teapot. Have a lovely week end

  3. I'm swooning over your gorgeous teapot and the entire tea set, it's simply gorgeous!
    You were lucky it was in pristine shape too.

  4. That is a wonderful story, and a lovely teaset. I wonder whether the taller pot is a coffee pot? Have a lovely day.


  5. Oh Janice, that is such a funny story. I bet you were jumping for joy when you discovered that it was't really a crack. I am SO HAPPY for you!
    The set is so pretty and it does work well with your teacup.
    Are you feeling a little better?

  6. You too happy weekend Janice, Lovely post as always
    starting to blog again, and i will not delete it anymore
    i can always take a pauze and come back.

    My facebook page i will also keep
    thanks for sharing

  7. So happy that the tea pot was not broken. You have a beautiful collection!

  8. Oh that is wonderful Janice. What a sweet surprise to find that your piece did not have an actual crack at all. So glad that you are blogging again. It is always wonderful to see your beautiful collections.

    Have a lovely week.


  9. Your beautiful teapot is such a great find, Janice! Your faux crack story made me chuckle--we've all had moments of mortification like that!