Saturday, February 20, 2016

Just Saturday morning nonsense...

        Good morning blogger world...  I hope you are well...  Once again I have been sick from my grandchildren, it's just ridiculous...  I have never been sick so much in my whole life as I have been these last two winter's...  It is very much a dreary morning here in San Francisco...  It is not rainy but it is wet out so I'm sure it rainned last night...  There was rain yesterday...  
These are just random photos...  Nothing spectacular...  Just my little comfort things...  I feel kind of defeated this morning, there are so many things going on with my children I'm wishing Mama was here, but she's not so I'm struggling at the moment...  

        I was just thinking I wonder how I became such a lover of Blue & White...  I found this at a local thrift store the other day it's a pretty lacy runner...
        One of my favorite tea mugs...
        Yes I still have ducks and duck items around my kitchen...  I love ducks a lot, if I could have them in my Garden I would...  I think I would have five at least...  And if I could tie pretty ribbons around their necks I would...  

        I never had the lid to this coffee grinder so I used a plastic piece and sat a duck on the top...  I 
also love windmill's...  

      I just happen to really love ducks...  I hope you all have a most wonderful weekend, thank you all for all of your kind visits...  With love Janice



  1. Lovely post, keeping you in my prayers, blessings friend

  2. Good morning Janice...oh, I know that story all too well about getting sick from the grands. My hubby and Otto have passed the cold back and forth ALL winter.
    I love your and white is a favorite of mine too. I used to have a blue and white kitchen. I once had some of the very same items you featured in your post.
    Get well soon. I'm sorry you are having some difficult times with your family members. I am too right now...sigh. Such is life.

  3. Your pictures are so lovely. The blue and white is very romantic and your pretties are very sweet. Get better soon

  4. I do hope you get better soon Janice, it's horrible when you catch every bug going. Your random bits and pieces are adorable, especially those ducks! Have a great weekend xx

  5. Hi Janice. Sorry you are under-the-weather. I've been sick more than usual, too. When you are in contact with kids, you are bound to get the germs. Love all your photos. Susan

  6. Your ducks are just too cute, my friend! I am so sorry to hear you are not feeling well...I truly hope you are back to your normal self in no time!

    Hugs and joy to you!

  7. Janice you are having a bad run, I hope you are feeling better soon. Your ducks are cute.


  8. Your ducks add whimsy to your kitchen! And they go well with the color blue. That is really a pretty linen piece you have shared with us; just beautiful.