Wednesday, February 24, 2016

A spot of tea just for me

        Good morning everyone, I woke up very early like around five this morning my mind was already working...  I tried to keep my eyes shut but the rest of me wasn't having it...  So finally around six or so I got up turned the dryer back on to finish drying my clothes...  With my body tired from yesterday moving the refrigerator cleaning behind inside and outside it seemed to had taken me most of the day...  But I'am happy cause it's all clean now...  I always feel better when things are shinny clean...  But my body is definitely feeling the pain this morning...  I wanted to tackle something else but I'm afraid it will have to wait...  
         So I gathered myself a pretty tray and a pretty doily for a spot of tea...  It is peaceful at the moment everyone is still sleeping, nice and quiet...  Awe...  So I have to enjoy these peaceful moments of quietness when they come about...
       I put on the boiling water and grabbed my little white teapot and my pretty teacup off my dresser...
Thinking I wanted to feel special this morning...  I was thinking after I read something about love not existing...  That yes it does exist in God and ourselves, but we have to start with ourselves and I think when you have gone through a lot it life you lose yourself...  
        And we need to back track and find ourselves once again...  The person we once were, but in need of going through the baggage as they say...  Clearing it all out first...  And learn to enjoy the beautiful things in life once again...
        I have down days a lot cause from my panic and life...  but, I always try to remember God and what the bible says and re focus me...  I myself have gone through a lot in life and have been going through my baggage cleaning out all those things that changed me...  
        I think that saying of surround yourself with the things that you love is good and true...  Get as much sunshine as possible to recieve the vitamins to make you feel happy inside...  Have a quiet place for yourself to reflect and re focus...  And definitly have a pretty teacup and teapot for warm loving tea that can warm your soul...  
        And add a spot of sweet honey...  
        Then your tea and water stir it up and feel the warmth go inside...
        My crocheted flowers for my doily...

        I love this vintage hot pad, I found it at the tea shop, boy, I miss that sweet place...  But it will just have to stay on the back burner for now...

        Wishing you all a most enchanting day...  If I have not visited you lately it is because my data is not to good and I can not download your page...  I'm trying to get some new wi-fi...  
                 With....  Love...  Janice




  1. Delightfully lovely teacups and doilies!


  2. Beautiful post Janice! thanks for sharing and i hope that your feeling much beter at this time, trying now to work a little on my blog, and taking a pauze on facebook, happy weekend! soraya

  3. I hope your day was lovely Janice... I am thinking of you and offering up a prayer for you this morning as I sit with my pot of tea and knitting in the morning time peace of a my quiet kitchen... before life begins to trickle into the rest of my day. Sending you peaceful thoughts and well wishes all the way from a cold, snowy Illinois...
    With Love,

  4. I simply adore your crocheted roses Janice! I wish you a beautiful spring ahead! Thank you for sharing such a lovely sweet post! Hugs!

  5. Ohhh...i fell in love with your pink tea time! Your croquet is just gorgeous, the roses are absolutely romantic. Very well done Janice!

  6. Oh my Janice, your tea for one is just so pretty! Yes, it's good to love ourselves because God loves us. Your crocheted flowers are beautiful. You do such lovely work, and I'm always inspired by you. Take care, and don't work too hard.

  7. Hi Janice
    Love your sweet tea cup with the roses on it, I am always finding sweet vintage dishes with roses on them
    My mom had a doily just like the pink and white one however Mom's was purple and white roses.
    Thanks for visiting me time to time

  8. What a beautiful post. The crocheted flowers are enchanting and goes beautifully with the stunning teacup with the roses. Take care.

  9. Hi Janice!

    You definitely deserve tea served in pretty china after all your hard work. I'm sure that San Francisco has some tea rooms that would be fun to visit. The 2016 remake of Anne of Green Gables was released on TV earlier this month. It was well done, but I still like the original version with Meghan Follows the best!

  10. What a cute idea with your chrocheted roses. So pretty with your lovely tea time!

  11. The roses are really pretty. Wish I knew how to crochet. Thanks for visiting my blog. I will be happy to follow yours.