Wednesday, November 12, 2014

* ` ~ Two New Ones... wink

     My two new tea cups from Johnston Bros. WindsorWare.... I fell in love with them when I saw them..I had been looking and looking for some Brown Transferware these are the most perfect ones for me.. so I got them on Ebay from a sweet lady.. Perfect for Autunm right. 

I love the Brown transferware.  I even like the Black as well.. . I think I'm just a dish and tea cup teapot addict.. I have so many of all it's just silly... but I don't want to part with a one

I have always got Pink Glass & such on my coffee table but I have changed it to my Green Depression glass and Brown and off white transferware.. well lol my two tea cups.. My teapot is also Johnston Bros. but Friendly village. I would love to have the teapot to this.  But at the moment I only found one and it's cost is $139.00 sigh... can't do it at the moment..  Here's what it looks like.. last month I purchase a Blue & off White one.. with a tiny tiny nick on the end of the spout reason being because they seemed to be rare the Pots that is.. that I purchase four cups and saucers and Vee broke two the same week.. I wanted to cry cause I got such a deal on them.. Thank the heavens I found four more for cheap... I also got some plates to the brown set at a good price.. always surfing for lesser prices.. but it pays off.. I wish this was way cheaper.

O how I love it.. Dreams.. and day dreams.. hopefully when I'm able I can get one .. will see
but for now my plain brown Japan one or my friendly village will have to do, but I don't mind really I don't..

I love everything old is just amazes me how well things are made from a long time ago.  There just isn't any comparison to today's garbage no ofense but to me that's what I see being made today..

The green platter below came from a home next store to Mama's house.  Where I as a young girl cleaned house for an old man named David.  When I was really young his Mama lived there with him.  Stepping inside this house was like stepping back in time the 1800's.  There was a fantastic Green and off white wood burner stove half was also gas.. but it was in beautiful mint condition.. The kitchen had tall walls it always had seemed to me, maybe because the ceiling were high up.. It had lights that hung down which at one point were gas lites.  (there is a story to that but I won't tell it now maybe in the future).. At any rate it had a little dark pantry filled with dishes that where from the 1800's a lot of Green depression dishes and some yellow and even some dark deep purple.... (which is another story as well).. 
But at one point they started disappearing, which is part of that story... so when in came down to I mean just a few pieces I decided to take the platter and a Green swirl bowl.. cause I knew If I hadn't they'd be gone like the rest.. and to me it was a part of history of a great family named Ludwigsen.. A part of a Mom who waved hello all the time as she lifted up the brown window shade from the corner living room window..I remember it well but not her face though.  I couldn't bare to see the rest disappear... 
The old man he didn't really care he was up in his eighty's he was just living his days.. still volunteering at the hospital where he once worked as a pharmacist... 
I remember his face clear as a bell.. I was 13 years old when I first started cleaning house for him.. He would make me nerves cause he would studder when he talked or when he wrote out my little check for me he would shake too.. but he was a kind man .. 

The house was full of old furniture and I remember a sweet little stool that stayed in the living room in front of this old stuffed chair, I admired it my all the days since I first saw it. it was suppose to be mind.. but my uncle who lived down stairs who remaried to this stinky lady stole it before they gave it to me.. I was suppose to get some old chairs as well but she ended up with several things.. ugly lady she turned out to be.. It was a memorable house indeed.. it now has since been changed around inside completely.. and it's funny the owner recently told me that his children were saying why did he ever change everything.. and I agree.. He should have never changed it just painted in my opinion, but then again everyone is not me and like what I like... I could tell you every place in the house.. It also had a huge back porch inside for washing fantastic.. and off the kitchen had a small tiny room with a bench that ran across one side.  I never knew what this was to be for.. and I never asked silly of me. but I was young .. 
I actually worked for him till he passed. I was the one who found him gone to sleep
I was around twenty three maybe after I had my first son.. Memories...I'm glad I took the two pieces.  It was a part of me after a while and a good memory of them Mr. Ludwigsen and his mother..

The Green candy dish I purchased last year at the Tea shop.. for only 12.00 dollars I have a pink one already small and large.. things were just so fancy before days.. I love Green glass Pink and Cobalt Blue.. 

I hope this post finds you all well .. I'm tugging along at a slow rate.. wishing things could find there way with Mama's house... another story lol 
have a wonderful enchanting rest of the week
with love Janice


  1. Hi Janice,
    I love the green depression glass and the brown transferware. So lovely together! Blessings! Karen

  2. Hi Janice. I love Johnson Brothers patterns of all kinds. Their Christmas dishes are quite beautiful, too!

    Your new teacups are lovely and the green glass, too.

    When you say "pink glass" do you mean cranberry glass? That is one of my precious collections of glassware.

    Janice, is the house coming along? Your Mama's? Any progress? I KNOW it will be a darling abode when you are in there.

    Thank you so much for your visit. Susan

  3. Janice,
    I really like your brown transferware. The tea cups are so pretty, and perfect for a Thanksgiving table. I have a blog friend who has the red transferware, and I love that one too. You always find the most unique and lovely treasures. And I know what you mean.....the old stuff seems to be made much better.

    Hope you are having a nice November, Janice.


  4. I love the green depression glass friend! It is beautiful! And I am with you on the quality of things made these days! Loved coming along with you as you talked about the old house....I have a weakness for the things and memories of the past! Wishing you all good things!!! Nicole xo

  5. I so enjoy stopping over your place for tea with your pretty cups, teacups and saucers and of course the lovely dainty doilies. Depression glass is beautful, and I have a few pieces which belonged to my mother and grandmother.

  6. What memories you have, good and bad. Sometimes it's fun to reminisce. I love the brown teacups. My sister has a full set of dinnerware that is brown and beige...not sure of the brand. I told her I wanted it if she ever wanted to get rid of it. I just love the brown stuff. Your coffee table looks great with your setting. Hope you are doing well. I've been in a funk for a couple of weeks, but it will pass soon I hope. Just don't feel like blogging and faking something happy, ya know? I got your sweet email. Thank you. I haven't responded because just don't feel like talking to anyone. Please don't think it's personal though. I'm just very closed-off at the moment, if that makes sense to you. ♥

  7. I love all! Especially the brown transferware.