Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Though most of the Garden is dying down I still have some tomatoes and lettuce Swiss Chard which these somethings are making it turn brown and wilt.. It was so pretty.  It was rainbow Chard.. darn bugs etc.. so I guess I'm going to have to ripe it out

Just wanted to touch basis on me..
I'am also looking to our Lord and Father for strength.. seems I can't get no help otherwise
Though I did apply for that help with hospice and have a appointment tomorrow
thank you friends for your support..

My Chives are doing well they made seeds and blew all over.. so now little chives are poppin up all over the Fluffy Rose Garden.. I recently found some actual Carnation big ones which I planted in this area but forgot the photos.. I haven't been able to find them like years ago.. 
I planted several bulbs yesterday, some paperwhites, which I recently learned of.. they are so sweet.. they will be coming up any minute the shoots where already coming out.. Two I put in the Kitchen window and One bigger in the Living Room.. can't wait to see them.  Nothing pleases me more than tiny blooms
I also planted many Freesias 

(not my photo)
I put a bunch in the large Rose Pot I have the Rose is going dormit now.. these will be comin up early spring.. I planted O darn I forgot the name.. umm O my I must be getting older I'm getting so forgetful now..
I will have to look for the name..   

but I also bought some lite purple crocus

 they are so pretty.. when I move to Mama's one day hopefully soon.. I have the perfect Garden in mind
Before when I lived here I had cleaned the whole Garden and spent at least 500.00 If not way more on it put some grass and all.  They let it all die when I moved out.. just my multi colored Rose bush is still there and the little Lemon Tree...
So I will have to start all over.. I told the kids I hope I can see everything fix and God allows me to settle in for a while to enjoy what never was.. .

These little guys, I just love them...  grape hyacinths.. doesn't seem like the right name to me.. but that's what it said.. I can't wait till Spring already.. It's so funny how you just wait for certain things to come.. well
my friends,
 I think I learn a thing or two this past two weeks.. I guess you just can't go backwards in life no matter how
much you want to.. You have to leave the past alone.  People change and become different in many ways. Whether you truly love someone or not.. It is what it is.  and even though they say they care and they don't    act like it. I don't know.. but that's not me.  If I tell you I care it's because I truly do.  I don't pretend and I     don't okie dok things.  And I'm glad for that.. The man from my past is not someone I'd like to know any     longer.  He is definetely not the man I knew.  or maybe I really never knew him at all.  I was young and with no wisdom or knowledge of life.. I do know this that I did love him and kept him in my heart my whole life.. 
I was sad everytime he came to see me and left.  But its over with now. I took the box down and delt with it even though it hurt.  I had so many mixed emotions.  Not knowing where I stood in his life even though he had one.. He made it clear to me at any rate I wasn't no where near first nor even second in his life at all.. I was some where on the back burner and when or if he had a moment he spare some time for me..   God showed me who he is in more ways than one.. I don't wish to be a secret in anyones life never for anyone.. There is no amount of love that would make me do that never...
so the little box is now closed forever what will be will be..
with love Janice


  1. I hope you are able to feel better after your visit with the hospice people. I know how down and dark things can get, but it always lifts before long. Those feelings and the hurt will always be there. Just learn to put them away. They are a part of who you are, but don't belong out in the open very often. I'm sure God has so much more to offer you in the way of good things. Take care.

    1. Thanks Pammysue. Its nice to have friends like you. Hugs

  2. Take care of yourself! Your flowers are just gorgeous

    1. Thanks Alessandra im doing just that.. hugs n kisses back.ty for being a friend