Saturday, March 24, 2012

Words and dreams..............Second post (read down)

DO I you....
Let's sit down with a Pot of Hot Tea and talk about what you have been up to lately....( I can see clearly in my mind the hot pot of tea...and the tea cups and saucers ready to be poured into...the dainty little cakes and sandwiches at the side awaiting for me, to be picked up and eaten.) So you have been busy making things have you...In deed I have...I made my first delicate Lavender Heart Sachet...and I intend to make many more and maybe more to sell them. I have such great ideas popping through my head...Between Tea Pots and cups and saucers, sachets, aprons and pillows and somewhere in between there is God bursting through my mind. Praying for strength and much needed guidance ...And in the very background I see all the confusion on the day,. My Mom, Brother, My Sons and daughters...No one really realizing what really goes on in My mind. Having dreams...Do I dare...yes I do, I do day dream of Tea Cups and Saucers, pillows and flowers, rusted gates and door knobs. Birds and Flowers and a Tiny Cottage House of my very own to make into my dreams that I hold inside my mind. A Garden so big and beautiful, full of tiny puddgie birds and soft Robins and Blue Jays singing about. Songbirds and Finches running about and many tiny Hummingbirds. Bricks and Stone covered with moss from the due that has passed by in the night...Tiny little fairy's running about...hiding behind the leaves that are. Those are what I dream of...Lace and Buttons. Prints of Yesterday...Victorian Women flared with their Hats and Lace about them...All the treasures of yesterday's past...What am I doing Oh, so many things, but my most of all attending to all my Day Dreams. Crocheting and Sewing baking scattering about in my Garden Dreaming and dreaming the flowers about...(Holding my Tea Cup and looking at the Hot Pot Of Tea that's ready for me..)
Janice, Mz. Witherspoon's


  1. Your daydreams sound so perfect, and just like what I want my cottage and gardens to be!
    Happy Weekend!

  2. nice post thanks for sharing...blessings