Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Good morning, I think.....

Good Morning, The day is barely coming up and the sky is simply moments like this I wish I had a better camera...Money always seems to be an issue...Hummmm...I was thinking that I want this and that...A Sewing machine, a Camera a Lap Top. I would love to own a good car even though my little putt putt works good it's very old Volkswagen Gulf.. Lol I told my children I wish I could pimp it out..they had this program for a while on T.V. that did that..that would be so cool...Well those are the things I want most...and then to fix the garden and little storage house the way I would like even though it's not my property...
I'm ready for home I spent the nite at Mom's and I'm ready to go home to my little cottage flat and maybe work in the garden or on my cabinet. If the rain doesn't start in again. The cabinet is mostly sanded now and I just need to fill in a few cracks. Then it will be time to paint. Since my daughter is going to have a baby I think I need to really get busy on it and get the dressers done. But the weather has to work rite... I need some warm weather days so I can paint... I wish I had the garage but they won't let me use it's in the garden...I will get it all accomplished for sure I will...
Here is a photo of the beautiful sky which doesn't do it justice

It's looking out over the bay, one of the most wonderful views...Well it's completely lite now..time for a Hot Cup Of Tea...join me...Have a blessed day with Love Janice

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  1. Wishing you some sunny days so you are able to finish painting the cabinet/dresser. I so enjoy painting furniture..but like yourself, the only space I have to do it is outside, so it is very much weather dependent.
    Have a lovely day todayx