Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Memories faded away....

Mc Cloud California, where I spent much of my childhood. The best time of my life and the best memories ever. I have been there in 20 something years. But this morning I was thinking I would love to go visit. My memories of Mc Cloud are wonderful. This was my Dad's family. I had several Aunt's and Uncle's there and when I was really young up until 8 My grandpa and grandma where alive and they lived in a tiny cottage in Weed California...that was my first memory of ducks...In the back of there cottage was several grown ducks that walked around quacking all the time. And I loved them they would pull on our clothes at time. And grandma Strider had a ton of wild kitties. She had one grown they called eggnog. Her tiny cottage was just that a one bedroom bathroom and living room and kitchen...I remember she had a green Formica Kitchen Table and chairs to match...And I always remember her making Rigatoni Spaghetti for dinner when family came...And grandpa Strider sat by the bathroom door, which led to their bedroom, in a huge brown recliner chair smoking his cigars and reading the newspaper. When us kids would pass by to go to the bathroom he would pinch the heck out of us...It was his game he played, boy it sure hurt...I also remember out back on a little porch area there was a stone wheel to sharpen things...I remember how we would sit up on it and push the peddles so it would turn... there was another small cottage behind it where my Auntie's husband mom lived...I can see her face plainly. A small petite woman thin always wearing a dress and sweater with her short dark hair and dark glasses...A very sweet woman...That was my Uncle Buzz'es Mom...he was talk red headed and freckles like me he had so many they used to tease me and say they jumped off him onto me....If you went out the back gate and walked up the dirt road up would end up Town on the main street...I barely remember it now...It's like a faded picture in my head...I do remember the time grandpa Strider took us kids up town and to the huge store like a big drug store and we got to buy whatever we wanted only I can't remember what I bought...and the last thing I remember is my grandma Strider funeral, I was 8 years old when she died...She had cancer of the breast and they took it then the other and eventually it spread through her whole body...She was a heavy woman with bluish eyes and red hair...My grandma had nine children and she was a physical therapist uptown. O my I remember that too, we had to go like down in the cellar...well that's what it seemed like but I do know we went down stairs and it was dark with these tiny lights and she had a sm. office where she did her work...Mc Cloud was great My Aunt Ann and Uncle Jumbo we called him. His real name was Clarence. They lived in Mc Cloud...a tiny little town With one long street that was their downtown Had a huge general store and a couple of others I remember the postal Office was across the street and The Frosty Stand was there too...I remember these little Sunday's in the these little round turquoise plastic dishes and Banana split's in long ones...The places that had walk ways were wood and the rest was dirt...and down from the house was the school and through the school grounds was the swimming pool. Boy if there was a turn back the times dial, this would be the time I would want to go back to....My aunt Ann was the best. She had a clean old house with an upstairs bedroom and a wood burner in the living room to warn the house. They originally lived in the first house on the corner I barely remember that, I do remember some of it...and they ended up moving into the next house where on of my friends lived when I was little. I have no clue where they went...My mind is flooding with memories at the moment and I probably could write a book with them. Well I decided I think it's time for a vacation, to McCloud California before my Aunt and Uncle pass and or I's been 24 years to long...That was more of my home than anywhere. They gave me direction in my life...Just been thinking wishing you a most lovely day with love Janice
I couldn't find many photos just these above...Just going to share a couple of my photos of some Crocheted Easter Eggs I had got along time ago and pulled them out of the attic at Mom's....

I had never paid much attention to them, but all they are is a chain stitch wrapped around a foam egg. but the are the sweetest...Enjoy your day....


  1. Janice,
    Mc Cloud sounds like a charming town. I am from California, and it sounds familiar to me. Memories are so special, and it's nice to reflect back on them every now and then. You have many special memories with your family. The crocheted Easter eggs are so pretty, and just in time for spring. My sister crochets and knits, and I have always thought it was such a talent. Your Russian meat stew that you mentioned on our blog sounds delicious. Wouldn't that be great if you could track down that recipe? Have a good Wednesday.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  2. Those are pretty eggs!! Glad you saved them from the attic.