Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Mamas House... πŸ¦‹❤️πŸ¦‹

πŸ¦‹❤️.      Mamas House, I saw this on facebook and I believe this is how I want to paint mamas House..
  I can picture it now..

      πŸ¦‹❤️. I’m just in love with the colors on this house a lot,  like Pioneer woman things...      my new shakers
 by Pioneer woman..
          πŸ¦‹❤️ My new crock pot by Pioneer woman..  that my sweet daughter law bought me..
     πŸ¦‹❤️One of my first pieces the teapot...
      πŸ¦‹❤️ My newest doily that I’m working on...  one more row..
     πŸ¦‹❤️Turquoise called Adeline...  the small jar is new...

     πŸ¦‹❤️ New pretty bakers...  I love these two patterns which are floral Vintage and bottom one is 
Rose  Shadow...

     πŸ¦‹❤️. look at this heavenly laundry basket...  omg.  Hope I can find it...

     πŸ¦‹❤️I think it will be perfect for me and my Pioneer woman pieces....  don't you..

     πŸ¦‹❤️This is a new piece as well..   I love it so much..  im trying to change my kitchen around
But I have a lot of vintage pieces and its ruff lol...
     πŸ¦‹❤️Napkins and table mats...
     πŸ¦‹❤️God is so amazing,  mamas house will be the house of the Lord..
                         With loVe Janice


  1. A beautiful house, I hope you manage to fulfill your dream of painting your Mamas House in a similar vane.

  2. Oh my, such a beautiful house painted in gorgeous hues. This post, lovely Janice, has made my heart go pitty pat; it is just beautiful! I love all your pretty china pieces. The lovely colours sing!

  3. You have a great vision for putting color together in such a special way. Love everything about your kitchen and dining. Your beautiful crochet adds even more!

  4. Lovely house, I like the way how you used these beautiful colours.

  5. So lovely house! I love Your Pioneer and the colours.

  6. Wonderful post as ever!Hugs,dear Janice!

  7. Oh, so many beautiful things! Love that house too!

  8. Hi Janice....That house looks very New Englandy....very pretty. And your Pioneer Woman articles just call to my heart. Great job displaying them! Susan

  9. So love that red doily. What are you working on now?