Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Just a little chatter🌸🌿

      🌿🌸Good morning dearests,   I’m sick with the flu and five days later I caught a cold...  so all in one Yay, not really.
I feel just yukie..  though I was starting to feel better when I got the head cold..  So since I’m so miserable I thought I would
write a post..  I hope you are all well.  I’m very ready for some spring.  Though a few days ago we had this warm weather, 
I have no clue where it came from but sure was nice..  yesterday we had sun but the air was cold...    My oldest daughter came
by and took me to dollar tree yesterday...  i found some seed packets and a cute little frog two sweet candles some papers hearts.. 

     🌿🌸 Oh and I found these cute little stepping stones... but I don’t think they are actually for to step 
On, they are small...but so cute...
      🌿🌸and these.... they aren’t from the dollar tree, but ebay and I’m so excited that I won them for ten 
Dollars... for once no one came to bid on them... so excited they are in perfect condition...
     🌿🌸I have four squares luncheon plates I got some years back and a sweet sugar bowl..  I love
Love this pattern.. they remind me of my granny dish that don’t have a edging...  below is the luncheon 
Plate...  the pink edginging is such a delicate soft pink...
     🌿🌸mix and match with Rose chintz... which I love..

     🌿🌸These photos were from a small tea party that I had while back... the soup bowls are perfect
I love when you find the matching things to your already have pieces..💕
     🌿🌸A big mug this morning full of hot tea,  being that I’m sick and it is cold...

     🌿🌸 a few crocheted doilies...  (I’m sneezing away over her trying to write) :-)
      🌿🌸Well at least the sun is coming out again ..I’m not sure it will be warm out but if I can find a 
warm window to sit in like  yesterday in the car the sun beamed through and felt so cozy... I will be 
     🌿🌸 I believe my tylenol has worn off...  so it is good bye for now my dearests... I wish you 
A wonderful day and new week.. stay well with love Janice🌸🌸🌸🌿


  1. Hope you are feeling better soon. Love the beautiful pink hues, a wonderful setting.

  2. I hope you get better,Janice!Love your romantic teaset,just gorgeous!Your crocheted doilies are so so cute.Hugs.

  3. Hope you're better soon! Your pretties are absolutely adorable