Sunday, January 24, 2016

A bit tasteless...

Yesterday I went blog visiting,  and to my surprise I found this on a friends blog.  

(Quote,.  I made THIS Mexican Pink Cake.  I saw it on Janice's blog the other day and wanted to try it. (It's not her recipe so I'm not slamming her!) It was pretty, which was the reason I wanted to try it, but it wasn't very tasty. It was very bland. I'm throwing the rest away. I'm not wasting all these calories on something that's not really great. I like trying new things in the kitchen though, and the sprinkles were fun. Now I know what Mexican Pink Cake is. Thanks Janice! ♥ )

I was a bit surprised.  And as I thought about it a bit hurtful and tasteless in my opinion.   This so called bland cake is very popular in the Mexican culture.  It usually is eaten with coffee or Mexican hot chocolate which is very tasteful in its self.  It's not a big sugar cake. So yes the cake in some what a bit bland.  We all love the cake in my house and yes not everyone loves the same things.  I don't think I was looking forward to critic of the month.  So just to let you know I really thought it to be non tasteful of you to say you were throwing it away when people are starving in this world.  I would have felt better if you were giving it to a bum on the street corner...   To say you didn't care for it would have been fine but honestly Pammy sue you did slam me, thanks to you...

Honestly I sometimes wonder what people think.  I never in my right mind would think to be so rude in my opinion...  to slander someone on my blog about anything I didnt't like.  If I couldn't refer their blog in a good manner why would I say anything to make them feel uncomfortable or hurt their feelings...  I would never have thought to do such a thing.  And in my second opinion,  i might think to tell them personally before I boasted over the waves to everyone in blog land...  Do you think our lord would be so rude...  I doubt it...  Just
 saying...  There is a old expression to think before you open your mouth...  It's not good to be a critic if you can't also be a receiver...  I'm usually not one to make a fuss but since it was put out there I felt I needed to express my opinion...  
How would have you taken this expression of kindness...   Your honest opinion please...



  1. Sorry you have been hurt Janice. My lovey grandmother used to say "If you can't say something nice, say nothing at all" and I think that is a good piece of advice.


  2. I'm so sorry that happened to you. I love your blog. I don't think she knew about the Mexican Culture and how their sweets are not like American sweets their less sweet. My boyfriend is Mexican and I grew up with lots of Hispanic people around me so I always go to the bakery and get the delicious cookies etc. But I know it would hurt me too if someone said that about the cake. Take care, Darlene

  3. As a former blogger and a current blog reader, one of the gripes I have about bloggers is that all everyone wants is to hear that everyone loves them. We all want praise, but that's not always real life.

    As mentioned before, I think the issue may be a culture thing. Here in the U.S. many of us think of cake as being sweet and loaded with icing. I know over in some European countries, they prefer fruit type desserts. Someone I know from Germany once told me they don't like desserts in the U.S. because they are too sweet for their taste. I never take it personally. They just developed different tastes then me. Truth be told, I don't like their desserts for the opposite reason.

    Since I don't live in the Mexican culture and have never heard of Mexican Pink Cake until today, I wouldn't know what it is supposed to taste like or what to serve with it to enhance the flavor. I'd just see the pretty pink color and sprinkles and assume it would be sweet for that reason. If you have tried a recipe, these might be interesting tidbits when posting so other people can know what they are making ahead of time. Not to mention it would be a great way to educate people about other cultures. That might be a way to make your blog stand out from others too.

    I don't think she meant this as a dig to you. Most bloggers get their panties in a bunch if another blogger mention something from their blog but they aren't credited. Since she is your friend, she may have not wanted to ruffle your feathers by not saying where she got the idea.

    She did acknowledge that she learned something about Mexican culture from your blog and she didn't particularly like the recipe. Nothing really wrong with that. Haven't you ever tried a food and said out loud that you didn't care for it? Sometimes no matter how politely you say it, you can offend the person who made it. This wasn't even your recipe, so there wasn't much need to be offended.

    She paid for the ingredients and made the cake herself, so it's hers to do what she wanted with it. If most of us are honest, we've thrown away food for a variety of reasons. Cakes have a lot of calories and carbs, so I can see why she wouldn't want to eat it if she didn't like it.

    I can see getting upset if it was your recipe and you made her the cake and she spit it out and told you it was disgusting. That would be really rude. I'd probably give her the benefit of the doubt on what happened in this situation because she may have just pointed out facts of where she saw the recipe and offered her opinions on it without thinking it would offend you.

  4. I' m sorry that happened to you. Keep calm and your cakes look and sound delicious!

  5. People should really filter what they say I see so many things on youtube blogs instagram etc...that are just rude..people take time out there life to share or teach us something to whom ever would like to you don't like it simply move on to someone else...or something else..I just don't understand why people feel the need to always express the dislike to something how about some positive because God knows we all need that in our lifes...that way no one is hurt..I tried this recipe but I think I would like it to be way sweeter...but I am glad I got to try something new would have been a way better way to say the same thing..

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  7. Dear anonymous, I didnt get my panties in a bunch, and it was just rude wether or not it was my recipe. I rarely will throw anything away and i sure just dont toss a fresh baked cake in the garbage just because it wasn't sugery enough. She didnt have to like the cake i did not post the recipe she took it upon herself to go get it. She could have said she made the cake and simply didn't like it and left it at that. I didn't nor do i need credit i simply share what i like.

  8. Thing is, a lot of other bloggers do get upset if they see something mentioned on another person's blog they posted about and didn't get credited for it. Maybe she feared you'd be one of them. She might have felt she had to mention where she saw it.

    I really don't know what her thoughts were, but since it upset you enough to complain about it behind her back on your blog, I'd just ask her directly why she did this. Sometimes things come across in a different way than we meant on the computer. You could have easily have handled this privately with her.

    Be mad if you want to that she mentioned you, but it truly is none of your business what she did with the cake. Whether she ate it all in one sitting, fed it to her dog, gave it away, or threw it in the trash, what she does with something that she paid for and took the time to make herself is none of your business. It makes you look really childish to complain about that part.

    I'd like to share a lesson I learned a long time about blogging. People online are not really your friends. We tend to feel that way because of the time we spend online and because we feel we need to comment on blogs to form a connection, but the reality is people you "see" online are strangers. It really doesn't matter what she said about you or the cake or anything else. You really have to grow a thick skin to blog and learn that people say what they want and you have to the song says..... Let It Go.

    My bet is no one but you really paid that much attention to what you think she said about you. Most people would have forgotten it by the time they got to the next blog they read if you hadn't mentioned it here.

    You asked for opinions. so there is mine. Guess we will have to agree to disagree. Hopefully you and your friend can come to the same conclusion about the Pink Mexican Cake recipe.

  9. I just thought it was tasteless and my point in posting was to understand why you would bring it to that level. Yes i FELT UNCOMFORTABLE, QUOTE WHY DID SHE MAKE IT A POINT TO POST ABOUT IT. I really dont care but being that she was supposinly my friend it SURPRISED ME. SHE COULD HAVE SIMPLY SAID SHE MADE A CAKE A DIDNT CARE FOR IT!!!!!!! People are starving in this world... It is her business what she did or does. But i dont want a friend who can just throw good food in the garbage because it doesnt bother her to when people are hungry. It something she has to live with...