Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Subject is cleaning my Living Room

For weeks now I have been needing to clean my Living Room it's so dusty busty.. 
But I just can't seem to motivate myself
and never I mean never have not cleaned anything in my home...
Lol so I was trying to set a date with it 
and that didn't happen...
I started to take off all my photos and little things off the television and that's 
at far as I got and that was the week before
I honestly think I'm tired super tired of cleaning..
A baby tiny Tea set a friend gave me years ago 
The little tiny round plate I found on my Dad's truck years ago
and the little pill box to the left 
 The lovely hard to See Large Vase I also found it on Dad's truck..
I think I have had for over 30 years, one of the first things that I had found..
Before Mama passed on I started collecting large Angels.. I first found the wall piece and the lady at 
the second hand store said O there was two of those someone else bought one.. 
I would have like to have both...
but glad I got the one.
later found the Angel at another time and place..
This lovely lady I found across the bay in San Rafael Ca.. Goodwill
for 25 dollars
what a steal..I later saw it online for 250.00 dollars
I have to share this... I went to Lowe's the other afternoon cause I had to move my car
for sweeping
and Look they had African Violets  
guess how much
can you believe it they were a little bit messed up
but I know as the time goes by 
I can take the broken leaves off and it will be nicer..
I bought two of them
the other is in the kitchen..
My little collection of Bunnie's snow globes...I love bunnie and I love snow globes..
I just need to get my Living room clean and my bed room and Dinning Room,
the Kitchen and bathroom is done..
maybe over the weekend.. 
I hope everyone is fine..
Blessings to all
with love


  1. I love your window and pretty! I don't want to clean either so I'm not going to. I'll just keep the lights dim. LOL.

  2. hi Janice, loving your post, why you never respond? blessings

  3. My I-pad doesnt let me respond. Only if I get on my phone i can reply.. I have visited your blog Soraya..

  4. This is a such romantic corner of your cozy home...i love it! The curtains are wonderful. I collect angels too because i believe in angels. Your angel is fairy and your bunny collection is very pretty.