Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Rainy day Wednesday

     Good afternoon, it's been light raining this morning..  It was rather nice to wake up to it...    I spent
The whole day cleaning my bedroom...    That Spring time cleaning...    Then I thought Autumn is also a great time to flip everything upside down and around clean the windows window sills behind and under the bed...    So I did just that I didn't finish though I'm a little slow these days...    I was going to finish today but Vee wanted to was clothes at mamas house...    So we are here and i'm posting...    I have finally found a way to post on my I-pad without everything floating around...    Lol.  So the last few post I-pad them...    The first one I wrote many mis-spelled words...    And i Couldn't correct them it was to hard...    So I have to be careful in my spelling because I'd have to wait to come to mamas to correct...    But I'm so happy I got some over pass due cleaning done...    It felt good to sleep in my room...    
      I cleaned from top to bottom... 
      It's always nice when things are super clean it feels good...   
      My most favorite tea set...   Mama bought this for me one day online...    I had admired it...    And she said lets buy it...    
      So we did...   And when it arrived we were both in awe...    It was more beautiful in person...    
      The Roses are amazing...   They are hand painted and  just beautiful...    
      The sweet sugar bowl...    I never was able to purchase a matching cup, but maybe one day...    They are a little expensive...
      The sweet creamer...    I have loved them ever since Mama bought them for me...    Today I woke up missing her a lot...    So much has changed since she left us...
      This stays on my dresser in my bedroom...    I see it every day, it's beauty and my love for it reminds me of mama...
      Yesterday I cleaned it all up and placed it back where she stays...

      All together now, nice and clean in a clean spot...    I have also never used her...    I wanted to have tea with mama as we had in the pass, but I never got the opportunity...    And for now I don't feel much need to use her so I will leave her for now...    Maybe when we move to the new house, maybe idk, will see...
                                      For now 
                                           HAPPY WEDNESDAY
                                                  WITH LOVE


  1. Suas porcelanas são adoráveis,parabéns.Beijo.Valéria.

  2. The tea set is beautiful, such a stunning pattern. I also loved your bedding, what a delight.

  3. Your tea set is so pretty that your Mama bought for you, Janice. To see that beautiful set on your dresser everyday, is a lovely reminder of your dear Mama.

  4. Such a beautiful sentiment and memory of your Mother! That is a lovely teaset.

  5. Hi,I am a chinaholic so I just adore your set and the sentiment, and what a pretty bedroom you have I have MANY things with roses on they are soooo!Pretty!! Warm Regards Pam.

  6. Cara Janice,mi piacciono le tue cose e l'amore e la cura che metti!Anche io amo fare le pulizie grandi in autunno!Un abbraccio,Rosetta!Anche in Italia piove,a me piace!

  7. Well nothing like a rainy day to make you feel like tidying up inside. I sometimes look forward to the rain so that I'm forced to be indoors to get things done! What a gorgeous tea set you have! I can just imagine how much you love this set since you and your mother found it together. It will always hold special memories for you. It think it's nice that you have it in your bedroom where you will see it every day :)

  8. So many pretties you are showing today! I'm so impressed that you can post on your IPAD. I can check on things, but no way can I put together a post! Haha! Thanks so much for your visits and comments, Janice. It's always appreciated.

  9. Your bedroom is such romantic! I love your pretty and sweet things

  10. This was one of the featured blogs this week (posted tonight).