Sunday, March 17, 2013

There's never enough Blue & White in my book...

Good morning, wonderful Sunday morning...I'm still a little bit sleepy... and I'm still at Mom's I decided to spend the whole weekend with her... I really didn't have much to do at home alone anyways....So this morning I thought I'd share some lovely Blue and White, which of course everyone should know by now is my most favorite..I had a Easter table but I just wasn't content with it so I simply switched it..
I'am going home this afternoon.  I just have to run and pick up Mom's medicine's before I take off.. I wanted to go to the storage today but I don't seem to have much confidence in going alone right now.
Aren't these the cutest little ginger jars.  I had found them not to long ago at Saver thrift store. I just hate it they are gone.  When ever times were to boring and I needed a lift me up that's where me and Mom went. Goodwill is nice but they don't have anywhere near what they had..I truly miss my crocheting thread I would find a lot of it was old but in good shape...sad :( 
A new fruit bowl I found at the tea sweet It's a Johnson Bros. piece...
This is a new bowl as well, it's a serving bowl... and I can't remember the name of it..but o anyways I love it. Even though a lot of the things are different they seem to fit in with no problem..
Pretty baby blue candle stick holder I found two at the tea house recently.  I was so happy they are so sweet and I love the color..

The edging around the serving bowl, isn't is pretty..
One of my first pieces from along time ago from Dad's trucks...It has a little chip on the backside bottom..but I don't mind..I have had it for a long time and I think it's a very old piece.  This might have started it, well maybe no but it pushed the love of Blue & White down the road of collecting here and there...
I'm so sad a couple of weeks ago I broke one of my Church hill Blue & White tea cups..I was so upset more because it was new... but I told myself that it's okay I will just use it in my mosaic which I hope I can start this year... I have a wooden bird house I want to do in Mosaic ... and I want to do a bird bath. I need more tiles I have been collecting them..
My valances, and my newer fruit plagues I found at the Salvation Army.. I paid $7.oo each.. but I thought it was worth it and who knows I'd probably never see them again. So I splurged and bought them..I had be wanting and searching for some for a long while..

I did a new recipe last week which I really enjoyed.  Called Mexican Corn Cake.  I thought well okay.
I love corn and why not I wanted something different. Personally I fell in love with it.  Thought I think I should have maybe used a little bit less sugar so next time. But just the same I liked it very much and will make it again...My older daughter liked it and Mom too..
Ready for the oven...
You use fresh or frozen corn to make it..
I forgot the recipe like always (that's because I have so much on my mind sorry)
I will bring it soon.  If your daring you can try it, I think you won't regret it.
the other thing is I had to put it back in the oven for a little bit more. I checked it with a tooth pick but over a ways it wasn't quite done ..
Your suppose to serve it with cinnamon ice cream which I didn't have any ice cream so I made whip cream topping...but I believe the cinnamon ice cream would have been lovely and possibly much nicer with the warm corn cake..
I hope that you enjoyed your visit.  I know I enjoy your comments so thank you very much for each and everyone of them...Wishing you a most wonderful Sunday...see you soon...

With love Janice


  1. I love your blue transfer-ware. What a beautiful table! Also, those curtains . . . now that perfection :)
    I'm a collector, too.
    Happy St. Patty's Day.
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  2. Hello Janice,
    Your blue and white tablesetting looks lovely. That is quite the collection! I would cry too if I broke one of those tea cups! I do love the edging design. Such a beautiful one. I do not collect blue and white, But I love it. I have pink transferware. Year and years ago I had a ginger jar just like the two you share! I remember the day my hubby accidentally knocked it hooo!
    Thank you so much for your lovely tea post!