Saturday, March 2, 2013

lollygagging around.....

Being lazy that was my day on Friday, I ended up curling up in my bed and just doing nothing for most part of the day....I played with Isaiah and did some crocheting....Later on though I got up and took a shower and went off to the grocery store me Vee and Isaiah.... we bought plenty of groceries I also stopped off at the Lowes and they had some Pansy's one of my favorite flowers...they were pint size pots, five for $5.00 dollars.
And of course I couldn't pass them up .. I went to buy some bags of dirt for this large bed I making..That was suppose to be my main reason... hehehe ,.....
 There were a couple of unusual colors, they looked kind of vintage ...and some pretty purples.... I had this large honey cone pot that I had brought home from Mom's last week for this other plant I had gotten. but for some reason it was calling for me to put these pretty Pansy's inside even though it was so big...Well I did just that this afternoon...cleaned it up and filled it up with some new dirt...
 I really enjoy this pot...I love the ribs going down it, I kind of wish I had a second one....
I added my sweet fairy and a piece of my broken vintage plate and she looks just so sweet...
The colors are just beautiful....

I'm so happy I used this honey cone pot...even if it's large...It looks so pretty now when I look out the back door I see something pretty...there is so much more work to be done in the garden...but that's all I got done today. A little bit at a time..I can't wait to get my large bed done.. I have most of the weeds cleaned up out of it. . what it is, is a large space that's surrounded by cement... so I thought why not make a planting bed out of it... so now I have to put the sides up and turn the dirt and add some dirt.. I bought three bags but I think I need three more... so I have to go back... Today,  I had to go to the tea house to pick up my lay a way...I got the rest of my Johnston Bros... pieces in Pink or Red and white..I notice though on line they are calling it Pink...I found two plates on line for cheap...they are dinner plates I'm exciting about receiving them...but I also found out that there are new I have to be careful and check the descriptions out carefully...So now I'm at Mom's I came over to cook dinner for her and hang out..Vee and the baby went off for the weekend ... and I didn't want to stay home alone..............I hope that you had a wonderful weekend so far...
Enjoy the rest of it with love

Visit me here for updates with my crocheting ...p.s. ty


  1. Hi Janice. It sounds like you have a had the sort of day I enjoy. Pottering around x

  2. It's nice to have a day with no real commitments. I was at our Lowes yesterday but no pansies in our stores for another month yet.
    Enjoy your Sunday.

  3. the pansy's are so pretty...I like the peachy/yellow one..that looks very vintage. I havn't yet been out and about to the garden stores..looking forward to though.

  4. I love the garden store ..i always have a good time

  5. The pansy/fairy pot is beautiful! I love those colors of the pansies. I've always wanted some but never get around to buying them. I am waiting till April to redo my flower pots. I use broken tea cups and plates too in my flower pots. take care, Darlene

  6. Love your pretty pot of pansies and that piece of broken china and the little fairy just add the finishing touch. Have a great Sunday!

  7. I love that clay pot and it looks so pretty with the pansies and your broken plate. It makes me want to break one of mine just to add it to one of my pots.
    Have a lovely week.