Saturday, February 9, 2013

Finally............Hazel Floral Pattern

            Scio Pottery HAZEL Floral Pattern
After 30 years of collecting it I finally found out the name...Can you just believe it.. I had always wondered what or if it had a name. It only show USA on the bottom of most pieces... and through surfing and looking on the internet I finally found it out..I had always referred to them as my Granny dishes...Mom claimed they were given out at the movies back in her time...(1935 up)
 It has been a favorite pattern of mind for years...and I mean years about 30 years ago I started collecting these. maybe longer my son is almost 35.. I have almost all of the set....well at least what I know of it..but never have I owned or seen the sugar bowl..I have two creamers each being different. One I recently found at the Goodwill store for $1.99... I know there are two patterns of these as well the dishes, talking about the way the pattern is place on the dishes...
 I think it's the most sweetest pattern...
 recently I found a set of six dishes at the tea house but square and a pink edging... and of course I purchased them.. I always have used them with blue glass.. I thought pink would be fun as well..
 A bit of information: So other than Mom saying they were given out at the movie houses..I found this info,These beautiful dishes was originally sold at F.W. Woolworths, Kresges, and Ben Franklin stores. Pink Roses, blue and yellow floral bouquet with gold trim, scalloped edges. It is unmarked except for the USA stamp. It was sold during 1935 - 1955
The piece that I'm lacking in is the darling sugar bowl I have never seen one till I started surfing for the pattern...and they are indeed very rare items...the few that I did find were sold already...
 Isn't it just tooo cute...I'm so sad I really want this piece to complete my set...I have found a couple on a replacement site, but they want $55.00's my only hope... but I'm thinking wow $55.00 dollars hummmmmm... but lol I just might break down and buy one I don't want to lose out... If I take a chance and wait I 'm might not ever find another they seem to be very rare...
Some of my collection
Just need that sugar bowl...
 Well I hope that you have enjoyed my little bit of information, I know I'm very happy that I finally found it out after all these years..
Wishing you a enchanting weekend.  I'm heading off for home now probably won't be back till Monday or something like that..
See you soon.
With Love Janice


  1. The information we can find on the Internet! The roses on the china are pretty, imagine receiving dishes when going to the show today? I think if it was me, I'd treat myself to the sugar bowl while you can still get one.

  2. Your china is just beautiful. WOW hearing about dishes being given away at the movies I think I would visit the movies way more often. I will have to be on the look out for you.

  3. Janice, that is a really pretty pattern! And I love the way you have mixed it with the green glass dishes. Hope you find your sugar bowl soon.

  4. Beautiful and so good you could find the name! I have spent hours at times trying to find names to the patterns! I know $55 sounds like a lot, but usually if it is from Replacements Ltd. it has no chips and it has it's lid, usually very hard to find with sugar bowls. If it is the only piece you need to complete the set, this money is a very good investment. It would bring a higher value to the set as well, if you should ever want to sell it. Do you show off all of your china on shelves?

  5. A year later and I find your post and the name of the pieces I have from my grandmother, but I've only been searching for about 20 years :)

    I rarely find pieces to add to my collection and I do a lot of thrift shopping...

  6. My mother in law had a casserole bowl of the Hazel pattern and every time we visited I always made sure to use that bowl for what ever was being served. One Christmas my two sister-in-laws gave me a complete set from a hardware store in West Virginia. My children grew up with that set and since I have bought several other sets. My favorite is a large shallow, I guess, soup or salad bowl and the oatmeal bowl. Have you found the sugar bowl? If not I will keep my eyes open, I hit antique stores all the time. I have the sugar bowl you pictured and also another version that seems to have older lines. I have used several of these plates on my website and I would like to link one of the pictures to your site, if that is Ok. Let me know. Thanks

  7. Check on Ebay, I have seen several pieces of this pattern on that website for somewhat reasonble prices. Just remember to check the shipping costs and where they will deliver too or if it is a need to pick up order. This pattern happens to be my mother's all time favorite and I grab pieces whenever possible, and I was lucky enough to find/purchase a mostly complete set of the same style of dishes without the pattern on them from the same maker! Good luck with your search for the sugar bowl, I hope you get it soon.

  8. Did you ever find your sugar bowl?? There is one on ebay right now for 19.95. Matches your pic exactly. I really want to thank you for making me aware of this pattern name. I bought a set at an auction(all together 50 pieces) for $20 about 20 years ago. My kids laugh at me because I only use it for special occasions. But it is the favorite of all my chinas.

  9. After buying this pattern for my mother-in-law at all birthdays and Christmas for probably 30 years or more... I just found out today that the pattern name is HAZEL. And gues what? Her name was Hazel, too!!! I don't think she knew the name of it either, but she sure did enjoy her rose dishes!!! Thank you for the info!!!

    Mickey Adkins

  10. Finally is right! I bought a box full of this pattern at a junk shop some years ago and have always wondered what it was. Sorry, I don't have a sugar bowl for you. So glad to see your post!

  11. I have the complete set of dishes that serves 4 that includes a casserole dish, 2 serving bowls, 2 platters, creamer, & sugar bowl. They were past down from my great grandmother in 1950 to my family as a wedding gift. I didn't know the name was hazel and the company was Scio pottery from Ohio until recently. Does anyone know the value of a complete set. I wanted to pass them down to my granddaughter and was interested in the value.

  12. I have this set as well. Passed down from my grand mother. I am so happy to see information on the name and maker. I have searched for years as well for this info. I have the sugar bowl and lid and several other serving pieces. Thank you so much for sharing this info!!!

  13. I have this set as well. Passed down from my grand mother. I am so happy to see information on the name and maker. I have searched for years as well for this info. I have the sugar bowl and lid and several other serving pieces. Thank you so much for sharing this info!!!

  14. I have a small electric lamp that looks like this pattern , I just received the cereal bowl in this pattern . I heard that this pattern was made in 1947 only .

  15. I have 74 pieces of this set on sale on Ebay and it includes two different sugar and creamers.

    Love this china but no one in my family wants to inherit so I am looking to find it a good home.

  16. I am 68. When I was about 6 my mother used to get these for buying flour--I believe White Lilly. The bags of flour had a tear off about 1/2 inch wide that you could redeem for this dish. As not many people collected the tabs the wholesaler would sometimes give my mom some of the extras. My mom gave my wife hers and I bought a bunch from a family yard sale where the husband used to work at the wholesaler. My wife now has a couple of china cabinet shelves stacked full. But yes one of the flour companies did give them away for purchasing flour in the 50s.

    1. Thank you for sharing this... I still have mind i'm 59.. thanks again god bless