Sunday, February 24, 2013

A stroll in the Garden...

Good mornin, ... I love my new little angel statue, don't you...My garden progress is slow but little by little I'm getting permanent things.. Finding the right things and places for plants hanging pots pots on the ground and plants and roses... I have three roses now in the ground.. Last year I bought a large scented yellow rose and it seems to be making all new sprouts...and my pink rose that I bought two years ago. Well it didn't do well this last I trimmed it back and now all new strong shoots are coming up..Yahoooooo..
My little angel boy...stays posted by my Rosemary plant...
I also purchased some new prim roses last week for around the trees..
The little heart ground cover has grown quit a bit now... I love it it looks so sweet.. the scalloped bricks peep out and now you can just see the circle walking stones...
My tiny fern is finally started to grow in the little green pot, It was about two inches barely when I found it in Mom side of the house they were several two different ones..the others I put directly in the ground and they are huge now..this one is more delicate than the I decided a pot would be better...
This is my new sweet fairy she is sleeping right now, I suppose she will awaken in the wee hours..
My other new prim roses I decided to put them into a hanging basket...

another new plant and you know leave it up to me...I forgot the name already...they are like purple pom poms.
white and purple daisy's..

I found this plant the other day too...I think it was blue berries and cream..I loved it so much went back and bought another one for the yellow  pot on the storage house wall...
My daffodils popping up, they actually were bloomed yesterday. I took these photos day before...
I planted a lettuce bed, it was rather nice. It was a six pack of different lettuces, which I liked the idea.
Me being the only one in my house who eats lettuce..I can have a variety.. wish they would make other vegetables like that....well the good thing is they do have other single leeks have gotten huge I have used some of them already..and enjoyed having them..going to plant some more this year..
I almost forgot my purple poppy...
I hope you enjoyed my new garden things....Happy Sunday my sweet friends, thank you for all your comments I appreciate them all...Hugs..with love Janice

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 I had so much to share with you...


  1. Hello Jan
    This is just what I needed on our snowy day and I enjoyed seeing the emerging and blooming flowers in your garden.
    I like the fairies you shared too, they hide in most of my flowerbeds too, sweet wee folks.

  2. All your flowers are pretty and healthy looking. I love Spring flowers! That ground cover is really pretty, too. Do you know its' name?

  3. I think it was baby hearts I have the tag at home I will check for you this week...Egretta ty.

  4. Pretty pretty pretty! Oh, your little garden is like a paradise on earth.

    Love your little angel, too.

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting, too. Susan

  5. O your very welcome thank you for your visit as well....

  6. Your garden will be a welcoming and beautiful spot. I love your angel. What a great purchase. I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  7. WOW....Flowers galore! I am green with envy. I am ready to get my hands in the dirt. I really enjoyed this post Janice!