Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Honesty...the best thing...hum...

ok so this morning I woke up at 5:30 am....didn't go to bed till 1:am not so good...Umm here goes ...I ate four cookies, my silly daughter didn't know I joined weight watcher yesterday as I did so well...till the late evening. Her and Mom went shopping and I didn't feel good again...so I stay here at Mom's ...O MY GOSH, they came home with Kentucky fried Chicken taters coleslaw..and killed me, my daughter bought me some Oreo cookies...that are new w/vanilla with cream...she was like Mommie look what I got for you, cause she knows I can't have chocolate...So I did okay I ate the chicken a just one spoon of tater..no slaw...then just a little bit ago ...I ate the cookies with my Tea...lol and now I'm mad....2 cookie are 150 on the calories...yik...
well okay I'm going to my online and starting over...I didn't have all I needed anyways...but I did get a few things like my yogurt and granola and a few things...I need to go shopping hoping that today I will make it ...Tomorrows my Dr. appointment. I was so focused yesterday...So this only means a tiny set back..I'm going to pick it up rite now...and get it together laugh out loud...but ya...So with all that said ...I wish you a grand day..with love n sunshine...Janice


  1. Just remember Rome wasn't built in a day..... Huh?? I mean .... Face each day as a new one & don't let a setback ruin it all!!
    You can do it!!
    Have a Great Day!!

  2. Don't worry and just start a fresh the next day..there are always going to be the odd day with yummy temptations, but if for the most part you stick with your new diet, you should start to see the results. I don't think I could resist an oreo cookie if it was in front of me :P

  3. Thank you Ladies...what I need for sure someone behind me to encourage me...just what the doctor order...Much love wishing you a great day...hugs