Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day Three, ........

Lol, well I'm doing good today...just ate some lunch meat cause I didn't have time for anything else...So maybe this week is just a transition to get busy..I still have to pick up a few things. My sandwich was morning and lunch cause lol I thought I was going to the Doctor's but they cancelled...but that's okay cause I convinced Mom to run to the Goodwill rather go there than the Doc's...anyway what I'm realizing is that I need to get more organized with this. I need to have in mind more better what food to take for the on the go...for one. I'm always running out the door...But all in all I got my mind set on doing this...and Thanks ladies for the support and encouragement I need all I can get. I agree that each day is a new day to improve at this and not to give up. I know once I really get going I will be okay. so I even left those darn cookies daughter last night was were are the cookies I bought I left them behind I ate a couple cause I wanted to taste them and said good bye..maybe later on when I have myself together cause you can have things but not now....So Im off, Mom's ready so see ya later have a blessed day...with love Janice

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